Add self worth and value to your living by improving your self esteem. Go through this article and check out how to improve self esteem.

How To Improve Self Esteem

Every person has his own set of strengths and weaknesses. It is the self esteem which is the deciding factor as to whether the person is a winner or a loser. Just like we are aware of our weaknesses, we should also be aware of the methods to overcome them. It is said that a person with a high self esteem can easily underline the faults in his character and also round up on solutions. Moreover, it is only the person himself who can ultimately get rid of his shortcomings. If you have a high self esteem, you will delve more on your strengths and try to improve on them, rather than thinking about the faults in yourself and sulking over them. For all those who suffer from a low self esteem, here are certain tips and activities that we suggest to build your self esteem.
Improving Self Esteem
Celebrate Your Positive Traits
The first step towards building on self esteem is to delve on the positive side of your character. Remember, even the best in the world have weaknesses, but that does not mean they get bogged down by their shortcomings. Always remember your positive traits and improve on them. For the same, you can write down your talents and the good things of your nature like honesty, helpfulness, etc on a sheet of paper and put up the paper in a prominent place inside your room so that you can take a look at it whenever you feel low.
Indulge Your Interests
Each of us is blessed with something or the other that we are good at. You need to find out what you are good at — it can be anything right from writing stories and poems to dancing or cooking or even gardening — and polish your skills so that there is no beating you in at least that. Take up your hobby that you have been ignoring for a long time now because of work or curriculum pressure and work on it. This would greatly enhance your feeling of self worth.
Set Targets & Achieve Them
Life without goal is like driving on road without a destination in mind. You just can’t go on and on without having any direction or motive. So, set goals for yourself. This would give your life a direction and you an aim to achieve the same. While setting targets, make sure that they aren’t too hard to achieve, or else you would feel more bad than good. Once you accomplish your target, make sure you celebrate it and then, reset another target for yourself.
Believe In Yourself
You must have come across a lot of people who often say, “I wish I could do it”, or “I’m not worth him/her” or even “I’m such a loser”. Though they may be poles apart from each other in many aspects, what binds all of them together is their low sense of self worth. Remember, if you don’t value yourself, no one will. Always have a very high opinion of yourself, though not amounting to vanity! If you have no faith in yourself and do not love yourself, it will become difficult for you to build self esteem.
Stay In A Positive Environment
Negativity fills a person with negative thoughts and feelings. S/he starts thinking of everything in a negative light and continuously feels bad about how things are, or how life has been to him/her and so on. Though you cannot control what people think, you can definitely be in charge of yours. Similarly, though you cannot choose your family, you can definitely choose your friends. Try to mix with friends who have a high regard for themselves and always bask in positive thoughts. Remember that your surrounding plays a major role in building self esteem. You can’t have positive thoughts if you are constantly amidst people who think negatively.  
Self Affirmation Quotes
Have you ever heard of self affirmation? Definitely not, for if you would have had, you wouldn’t have read this article, leave alone reading this far! Now that you haven’t, know that self affirmation is nothing but affirming and motivating yourself to maintain the integrity of the self. Write self affirmation quotes in your books and on your office notepad. Another way would be to stick posters of the same on the walls of your room, or on your office board. You can also set wallpaper on your system with a self affirmation quote. Every time you log in and out of your system, the quote would infuse you with a sense of belief and worth, thus enhancing your self esteem.
Agreed, self esteem cannot remain the same at all stages in life. But that does not mean you start sulking and then continue being a sulker all your life. If you have been brooding too much lately, stop doing so and concentrate on the activities mentioned above and improve your self esteem!

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