Staying confident and determined even after failure is key and not being so can be harmful. Exploring this article on self esteem issues will tell you why you need to get rid of these issues.

Self Esteem Issues

You might have gone through the various personality traits or profiles of famous successful leaders and might have come across words, like confident, energetic, responsible, daring, courageous, etc associated with them. But, have you ever thought about the connotation of these adjectives? These adjectives describe the personality of a particular person; they are the reflection of the people’s perception about that particular person and most importantly that person’s perception about himself/herself. In order to create and project a positive picture of oneself and in order to grow in life, high self esteem is very important. However, there are people who lack any self esteem at all or have low self esteem due to few bad experiences in life. This state of mind can lead to a lot of problems and one needs to overcome them in order to be successful. Mentioned below are the main causes of low self esteem. Reading them will help you understand and overcome these stumbling blocks.

Self Esteem Problems

No Self Control
The first major cause of low self-esteem is the inability to control oneself and one’s abilities. A person with low self esteem looses confidence in one’s abilities, and is therefore unable to manage his or her life in society.

No Energy
Another visible effect of low self esteem in a person is lack of both physical and mental energy to even carry out day to day tasks. In order to progress and grow in any aspect of life, one needs to have the required energy and motivation to indulge in effective living.

No Confidence
The confidence of a person is directly affected by a state of low self esteem and without self-confidence a person is like an injured lion. Lack of confidence does not only affect your ability to work effectively, but it also affects people’s perception about you.

Lack Of Intimacy
People experiencing low self esteem also find it difficult to get intimate and connect to people on a personal level. Man is a social being and close and friendly relationships with his peers and associates are important for him to grow. However, if a person suffers from low self-esteem, s/he will lack the ability to relate personally to people around him or her.

Fear Of The Unknown
People suffering from low self-esteem tend to always be afraid of some unforeseen situations. Such people are afraid of meeting new people or trying out new things. They are happy in their comfort zone and the moment they sense any attempt to move them out of their comfort zone, they get anxious.

Failure To Take Responsibility
People with low self esteem also lack self confidence which tends to hold them back from taking up responsibilities and being part of new endeavors. Moreover, they are afraid of facing criticisms and develop the attitude of blaming others for any failures. Therefore, in order to keep away all these complexities, they like staying away from taking up any responsibility.

Body Image
The self esteem of a person is closely linked to his or her body image. Body image is the perception of one’s physical appearance. Low self esteem also contributes to a distorted body image or the perception of a distorted body image and this can affect the self esteem of a person.

Role Of Upbringing
The way one has been brought up during his or her childhood also plays a great role in developing one’s self esteem. If you were praised, treated with respect, listened to by parents, given appropriate physical attention while growing up and if you experienced success in school and sports you tend to develop high self esteem.

It is important for a person to have high self esteem in order to ooze confidence that in turn will boost him/her to stay unwavering and triumphant in life. Low perception about oneself may lead to various self esteem issues.

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