Our crusade to save the Earth will carry on till we witness commendable progress and recognize more green in our surroundings. Follow this article to learn how to go green.

How To Go Green

Global warming has been threatening the sustainability of Planet Earth for quite some time. Earlier, while a large section of the population chose to neglect desperate pleas for salvation, a few resorted to eco friendly measures aimed at saving the deteriorating environment. This is, however, not the case today. The government as well as the common man, today, strives to salvage the prevalent environmental crisis by reforming several policies and adopting new habits. The word has spread and now, almost everybody makes a minimal effort to “go green”. Mother Nature is beautiful. Man made inventions led to a rapid escalation in pollution, which, in turn, has posed tremendous danger to nature. Do you notice the predominance of green fading away into the whiffs of vehicle exhaust and chimney smoke? If we do care about the nascent beauty of our atmosphere, we must put an end to the superfluous emissions and spread awareness. We can save the world and restore it to its original form. Continue reading to learn a few ingenious methods that are synonymous to “going green”.
Ideas For Going Green
Save Energy!
If saving the environment isn’t much of an incentive to curb your frivolous tendencies, then look at it from a newer perspective — you can save money, accumulate it and take a trip to Venice! Besides, how can your heart not swell with pride at the thought of contributing to nature? So now get cracking with new environmentally conscious ways of living day to day life! Replace your older incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Unplug electronics when you don’t intend to use them. Switch off the button after you’re done charging your mobile phone rather than just plugging out the device. Large amount of energy is wasted if you don’t swtich off a single bulb! Remember to wash your clothes in cold water since majority of the washing machine’s energy dissipates due to heating of the water. Rough it up during the winters and set your thermostat a few degrees lower to save energy. Save on cooling costs and energy in the scorching summers! Grin and bear the heat/cold!
Burn Fat, Not Fuel
Agreed, not everybody needs to lose weight, but all of us do need a fair share of daily exercise. In the modern busy world, it is almost impossible to find the time to pander to these needs. How do you tackle this shortcoming? Perhaps, you could walk or cycle your way to work (file a petition to the local government to expand sidewalks for better walking and cycling facility). By doing so, you diminish risks of obesity and cardiac arrest. If it’s too far off, you could avail of public transport and watch your savings soar! However, if you have crossed that out as well, contemplate carpooling! Gather your favorite colleagues and split the fuel or gas costs. Carpooling is a fabulous technique for drastically reducing carbon emissions. Consider investing in a hybrid car that utilizes biodiesel, and hypermiling.
Save Water!
Avoid beauty baths by shortening the length of your showers. By installing a low-flow showerhead, your water and heating bills will plummet! Watch your water. Fix any leaks in the faucet as soon as possible! Some plants entail minimal watering. You should find out which drought-tolerant plants can thrive in your area and plant them! Encourage your family members to use these measures and skip the bottled water! It only generates additional container waste! Always turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Remember that every drop of tap water we use needed energy to filter, purify and transport straight into our hands. This directly translates to extraneous fossil fuel emissions.
Grow Your Own Food
Practice sustainable agriculture if you happen to have land for cultivation. Even it’s a tiny balcony, you can plant tomatoes, beans, peas and special herbs in pots! If you’re a passionate meat eater, try to narrow down your meat consumption by at least five times a week, owing to the environmental and health costs. Support local farmers by purchasing eggs, dairy and poultry from them.
Enjoy The Outdoors & Recycle
Bonding with nature can be so much exhilarating than perching our asses on the couches or strolling around the malls! Why not pitch a tent in the wilderness instead of staying in a hotel that wastes so much energy! Yes, commune with nature and clean up the mess! Engage in garbage disposal and encourage recycling.
We all need to join the bandwagon and diminish the threats posed by global warming. Please do capitalize these ideas and go green!

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