Are you troubled by your fat hips? Read on this article to know how to get rid of big hips.

How To Get Rid Of Big Hips

“A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”. You must have heard this idiom a thousand times but only believed it when your hourglass figure changed into pear shaped one and even after persistent efforts, the large hips doesn’t seem to budge. The reason why the hips are the toughest spot to lose fat from is that hip muscle is the largest muscle in the body. However with a proper regime, hip muscles can be toned and brought back to shape. All we have to do is to have a smart diet with loads of vegetables and fruits, by avoiding fatty foods and including right amount of water. There are some exercises also which you can include in your daily routine to get rid of big hips and to achieve an hourglass figure. Read on to know some of the exercises for slimming hips.
Hip Slimming Exercises
This is one exercise for which you don’t even have to visit gym. All you have to do is to stand at a position and slowly extend your right leg to the side till the hip height with a count of three. Make sure that your inner thigh is parallel to the floor. Now hold the leg in air for one count and then take it back to the floor with the count of three. Do 15 reps and then switch the leg. Do it every day for ten minutes or more and see your hips trimmed to shape.
Side Hopping
Stand with your hands on your hips and hop three feet to your left landing on your left foot with left knee somewhat bent. Now bring your right foot to the floor. Continue with the right leg too and continue to 15 reps.
Cardio Exercises
Incorporate cardiovascular exercises as they let you lose the fat and build the muscles. Ask your trainer about what exercises you can incorporate in your routine. One way which you can include cardio in your daily life is by using stairs instead of elevators. You can even flight two steps at a time for better effect.
Hip Raise
Lie on your back comfortably with your face up. Your knees should be bent and your feet should be aligned flat on the floor. Now lift your hips slowly and extend your left leg with your toes pointed towards the wall in front of you. Now hold for the count of one, move your left leg out towards your left side in 90 degrees. Now return to the centre with the count of one and hold it there before lowering it back. Repeat it ten times and then change the side.
Travelling Squat Kick
This exercise can be done by standing with feet shoulder-width apart and keeping the hands on the hips. Keep your tummy tucked and shoulders relaxed. Now bend from the knee and aim for thighs parallel to the floor without extending the knee forward. Do it for 10 reps and repeat it for two to three sets.

Lunges are an amazing exercise for toning the hip muscles. Stand with hands on hips, relax your shoulders, and keep your feet about shoulder-width apart. Now take a step forward with the right leg and bend at the knee until the left knee touches the floor. Now straighten the shoulders and continue for two to three sets for 10 reps. You can incorporate lunges in your exercise routine three times a week.
This is one of the most important exercises, which you can do to trim your hips to size. It can be done at your home or even at the gym on an aerobic exercise bench. Stand straight with a tucked stomach and then take a step up with the right foot. Now bring the left foot next to it as if you are climbing the stairs. Now step down with the left foot following the right foot. Repeat it for 15 reps.

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