Getting over your ex is one of the hardest things to do. Grab a few valuable tips in this article.

How To Get Over Your Ex

We all rush into things. Sooner or later, we see them as mistakes. However, when we rush into a relationship that we realize in due time was a big mistake, repercussions might be serious. While for some, feelings develop over time and get stronger by the day; for other individuals feelings go away. On several other occasions, external factors outside a relationship deteriorate it until it falls apart to a point beyond repair. Chances of patching up are minimal, but how does the pain go away? Victims of failed relationships often numb their feelings by dousing themselves in alcohol and drugs, while others grieve till they get back on their feet and miraculously move on. Sadly, not everybody is that indomitable. For those who have difficulties processing such troubling and heartbreaking dilemmas, it takes aeons to recover and get over their past love. Keep reading to gather some tips to get over your ex.

Getting Over Your Ex
  • Stay away from the social networking sites. They are the devil when it comes to getting over somebody. All their tweets, their status updates, their pictures, their ‘likes’ etc are best worth avoiding for a while.
  • The above rule also goes for things you have that might remind you of them. Try and store all of this away in some place where you won’t see it and won’t come across it for a while.
  • Think about what you were like before you met your ex, think about the music, movies and activities you did when you were single. Now think about what amongst those things can still make you happy now that you are single again. It’s important to realize that no matter how close you were to your ex and how attached the two of you were, you were also two completely unique people.
  • Also avoid alcohol and any other intoxicants that appeal to you. They will only make you think of things that you will regret doing. Alcohol releases your inhibitions and you may invariably drunk dial your ex. You don’t want to say things that you will have to apologize for later.
  • Accept the mind games and don’t play along with them. If your break-up is messy then expect one of you to manipulate and try to bait the other person into playing along, but it isn’t worth it. No matter what you hear or even what you see, trust your own convictions about the person you were with and the person you are. Not playing along doesn’t make it fun for the one who provokes and they will stop sooner than you expect.
  • Don’t hate the other person or if you must, then hate them for a little while. Keep yourself in front of a mirror and say all the nasty things you want to say to ex, but instead you will be saying them to yourself. Listen closely to yourself about the things that you are saying, you may not like what you are hearing. The hate that you feel is something your ex would want. Don’t be miserable about being dumped.
  • You no longer have any obligations to the opposing party. Don’t try for a reunion or reconciliation. Remember the old adage ‘if you love something, let it go’
  • There are more than 6.6 billion people on this planet. It takes a long time to go through even half of them. What are you waiting for? Get out there and flirt your ass off. The person you love for the rest of your life could be someone around the corner. Even if he or she isn’t your soul mate, who cares? You might make a new friend at least.
  • Finally, try not to let everything your ex did follow you into a new relationship. Don’t say “He used to love football.” Or “She used to love red fingernails.” Let these ideas go!

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