Women of today scout the market for high paying jobs, simply because they know that they are worthy of them. Read this article to find out which are the highest paying jobs for women.

High Paying Jobs For Women

The tables have turned. Women no longer swallow their pride and sacrifice their dreams to look after the kids or bake the lasagne. They have realized their potential and in fact, many are convinced that they are better inclined to work pressure and meeting targets. This is definitely a very subjective topic of discussion and opinions are bound to vary from person to person. Nevertheless, the fact remains that women are making up for almost half of the workforce of every company, if not more. Many are co-breadwinners for their families, some with earnings higher than their spouses. The modern era dissuades women from settling for the low or average paying jobs as they are now aware of how much better they can do. Ambitions have flown over the roof and overconfident men that once viewed every lady as an object of lust has been compelled to see them as a threat! Of course, it’s equally challenging for a woman to work her way up the ladder. There is a common misconception that they get their way with a little glamour and seduction. Not true! Women too require outstanding educational qualifications and proven records of accomplishments. Given below are some of the best high paying jobs for women.

High Salary Jobs For Women

Chief Executive
Topping various surveys all over the globe, the office of a ‘chief executive’ has been narrowed down as one of the highest paying jobs for an industrious woman. Statistics in USA as of 2009 revealed that female chief executives achieved a median of $1,553 per week! However, the fact of the matter is that women still have a long way to go. Records suggest that among all the chief executive positions in the world, women constitute just a quarter of that! Nonetheless, the younger generations are advancing and as the years go by, women are getting more and more competitive and ambitious. Well-deserved women work to attain the position of a CEO at the mere age of 35! Isn’t that almost every married man’s dream?

Research studies and surveys have indicated that female pharmacists too might be the highest paid segment of the female population! Median annual incomes for women from this sector tend to exceed $85,000. A highly qualified pharmacist is India can expect a salary above eight to nine lakh rupees. Women are ironically ideal for the subject of pharmacy and do really well for themselves as pharmacists.

A female lawyer in the USA with a respectable degree can expect anything over $75,000 a year, which is roughly 77% of a man’s average annual earnings. Ingenious female lawyers in the UK generally garner $60,000 a year and those in India over 24 lakh rupees a year. Law as a career equips women with excellent professional stability. Corporate law, divorce law or even criminal law are the best paths to tread.

Computer Software Engineers
By and large, regarded as the fourth or fifth best source of income for a working woman, computer software engineering is highly recommended for diligent women with a great aptitude for computers and electronics. A female computer software engineer with commendable work experience and expert skills can bid for annual salaries of about $70,000 which are approximately 87% of what a man in this field earns annually.  Computer and information systems managers are fantastic options, although compensations are a little lower.

Physicians And Surgeons
Apart from the respect, a lady physician and surgeon is very likely to reap fabulous monetary benefits from her career. Of course, work will be hectic and challenging, but there is no such thing as a free lunch! Female physicians or surgeons as of now are gifted with yearly incomes of $63,500 and above, depending upon their expertise and experience.

Human Resource Managers
The job of a ‘human resource manager’ is one of the most appropriate jobs for women. Married or not, if she does her job well, she can feel free to dream of a beautiful future. Standard annual earnings from this job segment range around $60000 dollars. For those working in India, 8-10 lakh rupees is a reasonable bid, liable to increase in the long run.

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