If you think that increasing your height is a tall order, you are mistaken. Zoom through this piece to know some tips on how to gain height.

How To Gain Height

You know you are courageous, cultured, strong, sophisticated, fit, capable, generous, funny and intelligent. However, at times you can’t help feeling that the most important thing in the world seems to be the fact that your head is a few inches closer to the ground than the average man’s. It frustrates, depresses and baffles you no end. Mostly, you truly realise your value and know that you are worth your salt but many a time, others don’t see it that way. Why? Because your short height tends to eclipse all your lofty attributes. Willy-nilly, a great importance is attached to one’s height by today’s society. As a result, a lot of shorter people often become the butt of others’ ridicule and an easy target for bullies. Research has indicated that people who are taller generally have an edge over their shorter counterparts. Their tall stature contributes greatly towards an increased happiness index as they fare relatively better in personal, social and professional lives. Things such as not being taken seriously, not being able to reach high shelves, not being able to wear off the peg clothes and not being able to reach even kitchen cupboards because of being short dents a person’s confidence and self-esteem. There’s an adage that height brings honor. If you too want to improve your personality by gaining height, do not stop short of going through the article below. Read on.
How To Increase Height
Healthy Diet
The importance of healthy diet cannot be undermined in our overall well-being including our personality and height. Ensure that you have a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat, especially if you are in the adolescent stage. Having healthy meals is the only way your body can get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates so very essential for the growth and development of your muscles and tissues. Hence, heredity apart, a balanced diet also plays a part in determining your height.
Pilates To Push Your Height
You must have heard many actors, sportspeople and many others swearing by Pilates. It is not for nothing that they religiously incorporate them in their daily regimen. Pilates, a form of exercise that stresses a balanced development of the body through core strength and flexibility, was developed by the late Joseph Pilates. It can also help you increase your height by achieving the most out of your body through extending, strengthening, lengthening and stretching.
Catch some Z’s           
Like your diet, the advantages of your shut eye too must never be ignored for your overall health. Adequate amount of sleep is mandatory for gaining height. This is because your brain needs some relaxation through sleep so that it can buck up to release the growth hormone when you are awake. Height is the lookout of your pituitary gland. A brain deprived of sleep results in a sluggish pituitary gland which then hampers the release of growth hormone in the body. Come what may, you must be careful never to compromise on precious sleep lest you end up compromising on your height.
Alexander Technique
The late F. Matthias Alexander developed the Alexander Technique. This technique teaches one to become more cognizant of their balance vis-à-vis their bodies. Though it is still not clear to what extent this technique can foster height, it can certainly improve your posture if it is faulty. Rectification in one’s posture often makes you gain some extra height.
Back Stretches
Our backbone has undeservedly taken a beating in our sedentary lifestyles. This does not stand in favor of gaining good height as the spine, more often than not, remains hunched. This makes you look shorter than what you really are. For this, you must engage regularly in back stretching. It helps lengthen the spine and relieve tired muscles that may contribute to poor posture. You can search the internet to learn various types of backstretches that can enhance your height and personality.

Say Yes To Yoga

Research has shown that yoga helps one become flexible while stabilizing the mind and senses. It has been practiced in India since ancient times and today many people are known to resort to this age old regimen as it promotes personal health, spirituality and wellness. However, when it comes to its influence on height increase, you can hope to gain height only if you are in your growth phase. It elongates your spine thus developing your spinal muscles that can make you look taller with proper posture.
Now that you know some tips on how to gain height, you can try one of the methods mentioned in the information above. Additionally, you must stay away from smoking, alcohol and drugs if you really wish to gain height and improve your health because these habits tend to adversely affect the growth hormone.

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