Almost every one of us has found one or more secret admirer in the course of our life. Read on to know how to find your secret admirer.

How To Find Your Secret Admirer

The dating scenario has really gone down. Today, there is no fun in wooing and getting wooed. All you have to do is to visit a bar, restaurant, club, or anything any hip joint, you would find a person who is showing interest in you, and you end up spending some time together. You may even exchange numbers and end up at dinner and it may turn out something interesting and if it doesn’t you just part ways. No courting and no fun too. Where is the excitement of all the fairy tales? Where are the excitement and the creativity? When you were small, you must have thought about your life changing like that of “Cinderella” or that you would woo your girl like the handsome Prince in “Beauty and the Beast”. Actually, we all secretly admire for a ‘secret admirer’ as he/she has a built-in-aura, and fun and excitement surrounded by him/her. Having a secret admirer is also a very big ego-boost. Actually secret admirers have been around for more than hundred years. When you already have a secret admirer, you would like to know about it. You don’t have to turn into Sherlock Holmes for finding your secret admirer. Actually mostly your secret admires wants you to find about him/her. And it is easy to find about him/her, you just have to follow some hints and bam, your secret admirer mystery is unraveled. Explore the following tips for finding your secret admirer.
Tips For Finding Your Secret Admirer
  • Most of the time our secret admirer gives a clue and wants us to find out. Sometimes your secret admirer may send you love notes, which are hand written, and then you may find out who it is. If you study in a college and your intuition says he/she is somebody from your class, then you could match the handwriting on the note with the handwriting of other people of your class and know about your admirer.
  • If it is difficult to match the handwriting with everyone in your class then you can match the handwriting with the people whom you know or the people whom you think may have a crush on you. Comparing the handwriting should be done in total secrecy.
  • If your secret admirer sends you flowers then you could visit the florist shop to know who it is. Ask the sales person to tell you about your secret admirer by tracing the name through sales transactions. If they are unwilling to do so, ask the delivery boy about the physical appearance of your secret admirer.
  • The simplest thing would be to ask your friends. If he/she is somebody from you own class, then it may be very easy to find about him by asking your friends about him/her. Just feign surprise and happiness and ask your friends that you would love to know about your secret admirer. Sometimes the admirer doesn’t come in front as he/she feels that you may reject him/her.
  • Sometimes you may receive a mysterious package on your doorstep. You could enquire your neighbors about the physical appearance of the person if they have seen someone delivering the package.
  • Sometimes our secret admirer is in our sight only and we rarely notice them. After you have received the love notes etc, check whether you find any change in any of your friend’s attitude. See whether, the person is flirting with you or asking you about the packages and your reaction on it. A person who is paying more attention to you than normal may be your secret admirer.
  • If you get strange calls from your secret admirer, you could find about him/her through reverse phone number services to find about him/her.
  • If you are receiving e-mails from your secret admirer then you could easily find it out through email directory. You can find about your secret admirer through just entering the e-mail and pressing enter. You may have the reliable information about the person who had sent you the mail. You could also check the database of the e-mail service for finding out your secret admirer.

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