We all have only one life and as such, we ought to make the most of it before it goes! Follow this article to assimilate a few good ways to enjoy life.

How To Enjoy Life

If every day feels like a gigantic burden on your shoulders, then you probably aren’t leading an enjoyable life. Pragmatic and content people would decipher such a lifestyle as utterly pointless. You certainly haven’t been born to suffer. No doubt, pain and catastrophes are inevitable, but when you inflict it upon yourself, you are epitomizing ludicrousness! There’s absolutely nothing wrong in indulging in a few pleasurable activities from time to time. In fact, bliss is the very essence of our existence. If we embark on a journey devoid of even an iota of ecstasy, it’s time we compete with robots and computers for dexterity and mechanical proficiency. What ever happened to spontaneity and the perks of succumbing to our heart’s unrelenting desires? Untangle yourself from the brutal bondages of misery and live your life to the fullest. Sooner or later, you are going to harbor bitter regrets and narrow down the potential to enjoy your life! Keep a strong positive attitude and you will be amazed at how you can bypass almost every calamity with elegance. Traverse down this page and inch closer to living an enjoyable life! 
Ways To Enjoy Life
Bucket List
Haven’t you always made a mental note of a bunch of things you had to do before you die? Whether it is riding a horse, go kayaking or visiting the Taj Mahal, you certainly do not want to bid adieu to the world without crossing them off your “bucket list”. A bucket list may contain 100 or even 1000 things you want to achieve before the end! Every time you finish completing the said dream or are in the process of completing it, you are simultaneously enjoying life like you never have before!
Charity is extremely therapeutic and self-rewarding. This obviously doesn’t imply that the sole motive behind the act of charity is to feel good about yourself, but do concede the fact that offering a helping hand to those in dire need is priceless! If you cannot donate or finance the poor, there are innumerable ways by which you can be of indispensable assistance. Teach them, spend quality time with them and make them happy! Give and you shall receive!
Money Isn’t Everything
A materialistic lifestyle is a signal for disaster. When you live by your material possessions and just cannot let go, you are in trouble! It goes without saying that money is a pivotal part of life but pay heed to the anthem that “Money Can’t Buy Love”. Money is essential for survival but an insatiable thirst for money breeds the ground for avarice and ultimately, an unhappy life. We are all mortals and an undying quest to amass all the money in the world is absolutely futile. If you lose money, don’t let doomsday befall upon you. You will see sunshine again. Never let the lures of wealth and currency hypnotize you. Excess money, undoubtedly, isn’t the key to an enjoyable life.  
Quit When Your Heart Beseeches You To
Why should you be stuck with something you wholeheartedly detest? Make a list of all the things you don’t like doing. Are you struggling with your course and more importantly, did you dislike it from the start? Why cling on to it, liberate yourself and move on to greener pastures! Are you perpetually pressurized and stressed out in your current office? Perhaps, it's time you leave and seek out better terms of employment. You don’t owe anybody anything. You only owe yourself a good life and that isn’t possible without contentment. However, try to infuse passion into whatever you do. Not everything is a bed of roses at first but you need to make an effort to enjoy it!
Find A Hobby
Keep yourself occupied and erase all thoughts of negativity constantly by invading your skull as you lose yourself in the charisma of your brand new hobby. Pick up a paintbrush, dab it in a bottle of pint and splash it on canvas in sync to the erratic stimuli exuded by your brain. Pick up an instrument, whatever tickles your fancy. A harmonica, a tabla or a regular bass guitar! Learn it from a book or download a tutorial from the internet. Make your music, drown in the enticing chords and ward away all your troubles!
Don’t Watch, Do!
Stop admiring people on television, saying you wish you had what they had! Step into your shoes, roll up your socks and try to be one of them! Why envy professional swimmers when you yourself can dive into a swimming pool barely two kilometers from your home? What's more, in a matter of days, you can be a pro and who knows, you might even end up winning a contest!
 Don’t Take What You Have For Granted
Everything you already own is precious and irreplaceable! Wishing for more only makes you an ungrateful wretch. Work and income is important but not at the cost of sidelining your family and friends. Make your family your top priority. Fine, your intentions of working harder towards a promotion might be entirely selfless as you dream of giving your family a luxurious life. However, you must remember that to your family, your valuable time is more desirable than your earnings.
Slow Down, Life is a Journey, Not a Race
They say, "Life is a race, be quick or you will be left behind". They also say that "life consists of opportunities everywhere, you only need to widen your horizon and look closely". If reading these two statements make you wonder that if life is full of unseen opportunities everywhere, what's the harm in being left behind if that gives you happiness!

Bond  With Nature
While we spin around the rigmarole elicited by our daily drudgeries, we forget to pause and admire the beauty of nature. Nature’s always been around but the heavy demands of work and school overshadows this everlastingly captivating backdrop. Immersing our entirety into college or professional deadlines is not the solution to curbing our discontent. We can find infinite peace by simply bonding with nature. Perch yourself on a park bench, savor the breeze and fall in love with the sea. Dip your toes in the sea shore and resist the relentless current of the waves. Go fishing, rock climbing or plan a picnic! Nature is the best getaway! Every experience with nature is one that will be etched din your dwindling memory for years and years.
Live Like You’re Dying
Of course, we cannot compromise on our future. However, we need to freeze and live in the moment as well. Just like how dwelling in the past and scrutinizing it is a pursuit in vain, meticulously sketching your future is not necessarily going to bring you happiness. What if you die in a car accident or of a dreaded disease? Your last thoughts will inevitably be, “damn, why did I waste all my life preparing for this exam and striving for that promotion when I’m going to die in the next minute? I haven’t even tried magic mushrooms! I’ve never seen the pyramids! Oh what a waste!" Hence, to ensure that we enjoy our lives, it is important that every once in a while, we learn to live like we’re dying!
Enjoyment and happiness is one and the same. The moment we adopt a positive attitude towards life, we are guaranteed an enjoyable life. Good luck!

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