Ever refrained from eating pomegranate only because you didn’t want to go through the trouble of de-seeding it? Read the article to learn how to de-seed pomegranate easily & various ways to eat it.

How To Eat A Pomegranate

Come October and you will find the grocery markets flooded with ripe, red-colored Pomegranates everywhere! Now, tell me, have you ever refrained from relishing the soft tiny juicy seeds stored within its thick hard shell only because you did not want to go through the trouble of de-seeding it? Though you might not be aware of it, there are many people like you who avoid eating pomegranate for this very reason. Then, there is yet another worry that often nags people while de-seeding this delicious-tasting fruit – its juice that might stain the clothes and even countertops.
Very soon, you will find a way to end the worrying, on both the counts mentioned above. This is because we will tell you about the perfect way to de-seed as well as eat the fruit, so that nothing stops you from relishing your favorite pomegranate. Just follow the below mentioned step-by step instructions and we bet, you will be surprised how easily a pomegranate de-seeds! With some amount of practice in handling a pomegranate, you will soon find how this method leaves you stain free and with lots of seeds to eat!
How to Easily De-seed a Pomegranate 
  • First of all you, you will need to chop off the crown portion of the pomegranate completely. The crown portion of this fruit can be identified by its tiny crown-like top. 
  • Now, slice the outer layer / skin of the pomegranate in a number of places, while making sure that you do not cut all the way through.  
  • In the next step, immerse the pomegranate fruit, upside-down, in normal cold water. Keep it submerged for the next 5-10 minutes. 
  • Next, you will need to break out the thick rind / outer layer of the fruit and remove its seeds from the membrane. With this, the tiny red seeds will neatly descend to the bottom of the bowl.  
  • Next, remove rind and membranes from the tiny seeds in the bowl, making use of a sieve for the purpose. 
  • Finally empty out all the pomegranate seeds, with the help of a collander. You can pat them dry with cloth or paper towel.
  • Now, you can either choose to eat the pomegranate seeds immediately or store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator, for a few days. 
How to Eat a Pomegranate Fruit
The sweet-tasting red pomegranate is a versatile juicy fruit, which you can choose to eat it in a number of ways. In the following lines, we will tell you about the various ways in which you can eat a pomegranate. 
  • The juicy seeds of a pomegranate can be eaten by themselves only, just like berries.
  • Pomegranate seeds can also be sprinkled in salads / fruit salads, add to the latter's taste.
  • The seeds can be had with ice-cream and sorbet, to jazz up the overall taste.
  • Pomegranates can be pressed to simply extract their juice, which should be consumed chilled
  • You can also use pomegranate extract in marinades or as a glaze for poultry.
  • Many people make use of pomegranate seeds for the purpose of beautifying rice dishes, potatoes and even applesauce.
  • You can also make delicious waffles, pancakes or ice cream sundaes with pomegranates seeds.

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