Is your hair in a mess? Combing your entangled hair can cause considerable hair loss. Just relax! Follow these instructions step by step to avoid damage and pain while you are detangling your hair.

How To Detangle Your Hair

Bunches of hair stuck to your comb can drive you crazy and make you run to the next beauty store. But like it or not, the fact is that beauty stores are not an answer to your problem! One tends to buy all those hair care products which are designed to fool the buyers and makes them fall for the Utopian world of beauty pageants where no skin is flawed, everybody has lustrous hair and there exist no beauty problems whatsoever. But, the truth is slightly far from this. Everyone appreciates neatly tied hair or smooth detangled hair as it accentuates your facial features and compliments your life-style but you don’t have to spend all of your pocket money buying the costliest products being advertised ubiquitously. Use the hair products which suit your hair texture and don’t cause undue damage to them! Go through the suitable options and give your hair the best nourishment and care.
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Detangle Hair

Being fragile in nature, your hair can get easily damaged if roughly handled. Follow some steps below and let your hair enjoy the freedom of open air.

Step 1
Always choose a high quality and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to lend your hair, a fine texture and smoothness. Your rough handling and manipulative shifts with your hand during shampooing, lead to intricate tangles or constant hair knots. Carefully follow these tips on how to shampoo hair and reduce the tangles after every wash.

  • It is always good, if you oil your hair before you wash them as oil provides moisture to your scalp and nourishes your hair roots.
  • During shampooing, concentrate on your hand movements and move them gently onto your scalp without playing with your hair strands to and fro.
  • Rinse them by opening your fingers wide open. Pull your hair strands along your hair length and slowly pour water.  
Step 2
Whenever you feel that moisturizing shampoos can substitute conditioners then just close your eyes and imagine the long silky flowing hair of the models falling at their curvaceous waists, your hand would automatically pick some or the other conditioner. Hey…just don’t pick any conditioner but use a nice, suitable conditioner which suits your texture and makes your hair look bouncy and voluminous. And also makes them considerably soft and smooth.
  • After you have washed your hair, apply the conditioner by pulling your hair down the length without rubbing them.
  • Always apply conditioner at the ends and at the dry fringy portions and not on the scalp.
  • Keep the conditioner for few minutes and rinse your hair in the same way, you did after shampooing.
Step 3
To remove moisture and the tinkling drops from your hair strands, don’t rub your hair or move your head as if you are performing some tricks of black magic. Don’t even roll your hair or tie it with your towel like some crown of an African queen. Just bring your head down such that your hair are covering your face and pat them gently with a soft towel.

Step 4
  • Always use a wide-toothed comb to straighten your wet hair rather than using a brush.
  • Always move your comb from the lowest portion and gradually go up.
  • And if by chance, while drying your hair, you feel some tangles then don’t use comb because it strains your hair follicles and breaks them. Use your fingers to remove the tangles or apply serum or anti frizz spray to reduce the friction and the tightness among the hair strands.
Step 5:
  • If your hair is entangled for some other reasons, for example while opening your braid or removing pins from your bun or any other hair style then don’t even think of combing them; just remove the small tangles by your fingers and use serum or an anti-frizz spray to remove the large tied knots,.
  • Also, don’t sleep with wet hair otherwise you would have to endure the nuisance once again.
Just try these tips and you would definitely fall in love with your hair!!

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