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How to Delay Your Period

There is nothing more annoying than realizing that your period is due on your wedding day or during an exciting vacation with your friends. Almost all women face this situation at least once in their lifetimes. The good news is that it is possible to delay your periods, so that you don’t have to compromise and miss all the fun and excitement you have planned. A woman’s period or menstrual cycle starts every 28 – 30 days. However, it is possible to delay and have your period at a more convenient time you want to. The delay will happen depending on how much time in advance you have prepared for it. Although a woman’s body can be unpredictable and can vary from individual to individual, most of the delaying methods can be effective if done properly. If you too wish to delay your period, then here are some quick tips to your aid. Nevertheless, be sure to consult your gynecologist to make an informed decision. 

Delaying Your Period
  • Period occurs when the level of progesterone, a female hormone drops. To delay your period, you need to keep the level of your progesterone high. If you wish to keep up the level of the hormone, consult your doctor at least a week prior to the date of your cycle. Progesterone levels begin to drop at least seven days before your period actually begins, so you'll need to start supplements at this time.
  • If you are on any birth control pills, consult your physician to manipulate your cycle. Depending upon the nature and type of the pill you are taking, the physician will adjust the dose to delay your period. Be sure to ask your physician to evaluate your overall health status before you manipulate your cycle. If you have certain ailments like thyroid problems, then it is not a good idea to delay your period.
  • A prescription hormone called norethiserone is also sometimes recommended to delay menstruation. Take it three days before you expect your period. Nonetheless, this is not a birth control remedy, so if you wish to avoid pregnancy make sure to take a separate birth control pill.
  • Engage yourself with strenuous exercises. If you suddenly start doing a lot of hard work and exercises it can induce an early period, especially if you were sedentary before. However this is not a surefire thing.
  • A stressful life can also delay your periods. Sleepless nights, anxiety, and emotional stress can delay your cycle by as much as two weeks.
  • Your period can also get delayed if you suddenly lose a lot of weight as the hormonal balance of the body gets disrupted. However, be sure to lose weight in a healthy manner. If you wish to reduce weight and delay your period, then switch to a low fat diet. Remember, a crash diet doesn’t work to reduce weight, plus it can damage your health in the long run as well.
Other Tips
  • Instead of delaying your period, you may also consider to advancing it. Inducing it to have it a week earlier is always a better option than delaying it for a month or more.
  • To advance your period, steep a handful of fresh parsley leaves in a pot of boiled water for about half an hour. Strain the liquid and drink three to four strong cups throughout the day. This is an effective remedy to advance your menstruation.
Decide as to why you want to delay your period and determine if it is truly necessary. If yes, then go ahead with the tips discussed above.

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