Are you exasperated with those pimples on your face that refuse to budge? How to clear pimples is a million dollar question. Here is an article dealing with various remedies for pimples treatment.

How To Clear Pimples

A pimple might be a tiny insignificant speck for an onlooker but for the person who has to experience it, a pimple is anything but insignificant. Pimples are red swollen monsters that wreck havoc on people’s self-confidence and self-esteem. People suffering from acne would be well acquainted with the frustration and the insecurities that come as a package deal along with these nasty pimples. And what more, they would also be pretty well acquainted with the pain and the itchy feeling. But that doesn’t justify scratching, squeezing or even touching the pimples. Because, fidgeting with your pimple might cause the pimple to enlarge or spread to a greater area or, worse, leave a permanent facial scar. Hence, when faced with pimples, it’s best to follow advice and not learn from experience. Try having a motto of drinking 4-6 litres of water daily – water is always a good idea. Keep your face scrupulously clean! Washing your face frequently can make the problem manageable. Read further for more ideas on how to get rid of the pimples haunting you!

How To Get Rid Of Pimples

  • Before bed time, remember to wash your face and clean the day’s dirt and grime. It is best to just lather the face, wash gently and wash off with water. Avoid scrubbing. The same advice applies when you towel your face dry. Be extra gentle to the pimple infected area.
  • A good night’s sleep does wonders to your skin. If you are neglecting your biological clock and pushing yourself too hard then the effect shows on your face. Stress and hormonal imbalance can also result in acne breakout. The cause should be treated to clear the effect in such a condition.
  • Also take extra care to keep your towel, blanket, pillow cover, bed sheet etc clean. Anything that comes in touch with your skin should be clean.
  • Natural remedies include sandalwood paste, Fuller’s earth and/or diluted lemon juice.
  • Applying aloe vera gel on the affected areas is an extremely effective remedy for pimples.
  • Pimples can also be a consequence of improper digestion. Include fruits and green vegetables in the diet to keep the digestive tract clean. Avoid fried food and sugars in your meals and you will be blessed with clear skin and a healthy body.
  • Antibacterial properties in neem, also known as Indian Lilac (scientific name: Azadirachta Indica), fight the bacteria that causes acne. You can either use beauty products neem extracts or make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on the pimples. Wash off the paste with warm water when dry.
  • Consult your physician and find out if the pimple outbreak is due to vitamin deficiency in which case, Zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E supplements can be administered by your doctor to cure acne.
  • Follow a strict beauty regime. Wash your face regularly and include exfoliation and a mild herbal face pack in your cleansing routine to see the desired difference in your skin. Pimples usually arise due to blocked pores or the accumulation of dust and dirt. Thus, it is important that you prevent the build up of oil and dirt on your skin.
  • Exfoliation can be followed with: tea tree oil, turmeric powder, oatmeal pastes and/or vinegar. The idea here is to avoid chemicals as they aggravate the problem. The age old home made recipes are usually more effective.
  • Avoid using makeup as much as possible. If your profession demands you to use makeup often, then it is best to keep it to the bare minimum. And remember to remove your makeup carefully at the end of the day with a mild cleanser.
  • Lastly, you have to be patience with the remedy that you are trying out. Getting rid of those pimples will take a little while. It’s best to observe patience and not jump from one remedy to another.

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