Tremors symptoms are scary, but fortunately not life-threatening. Breeze through this article for a broader overview on the ailment.

Tremors Symptoms

“Oh my god, Did you feel that?” asks a very paranoid being. He wonders if the city was just hit by a raging earthquake, but soon realizes that he was the only one who experienced a strange rhythmic muscle movement in a part of his body. The involuntary oscillations within his body start to spook him. This uncontrollable shaking which occurs in the hands, arms, vocal cords, legs and so on is identified as a tremor. Tremors are rather common among people suffering from neurological disorders, although even a normal healthy person can be prone to experiencing a tremor. Usage of drugs such as corticosteroids and alcohol withdrawal symptoms often lead to tremors. Overactive thyroid glands, damaged liver functioning and mercury poisoning are some of the other plausible causes of tremors. One’s day to day activities are stalled due to the constant tremors in the hands or any other body part. Tremors aren’t particularly life threatening, but do interfere with one’s way of life and can also be a great source of embarrassment for some. Scroll down below to be well acquainted with the symptoms of tremors.
Signs & Symptoms Of Tremor
Tremors symptoms are usually characterized by constant shaking of body parts followed by a long spell of paranoia. You can expect to witness these symptoms especially when a patient is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Tremors begin gradually and the intensity grows overtime. They aren’t too painful but very alarming. Some patients exhibit severe tremors while others, very mild ones. Over time, tremors hamper one’s ability to write, hold things, pick up things, cook and so on. Even holding a fork or spoon becomes a challenge! In periods of excessive stress or during emotional outbreaks, tremor symptoms are likely to double or triple. With every movement, the tremors get worse. They generally start from the hands and pass on to the other parts of the body. The instances of tremors symptoms increase under extreme weather conditions such as freezing cold winters or scorching hot rays of sun. Trembling fits tend to occur more frequently when such an individual undergoes physical exhaustion.

Treatment Of Tremor 
  • In order to get rid of the frightening occurrences of tremors, several alterations must be made to the concerned person’s lifestyle. He/she has to keep a safe distance from caffeine and refrain from drinking alcohol. 
  • Smoking too must be prohibited in this case. A daily dose of yoga stimulates the mind for the better and encourages relaxation, which is pivotal in diminishing tremor occurrences.
  • A physical therapist is an instrumental factor in the process of treating tremors. Whether arm tremors, hand tremors or muscle tremors, a professional physical therapist will make the particular body part undertake certain activities. Coordination and control exercises help minimize the various tremor symptoms.
  • Medicinal drugs are often prescribed to patients to control the symptoms of tremors. Some of the common ones are propranolol, and antiseizure drugs such as gabapentin and anticholinergic drugs.  

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