Breastfeeding adopted baby requires proper planning and preparation. Read on to get information on how to breastfeed adopted newborns.

How To Breastfeed Adopted Newborns

Breastfeeding gives the mother a special feeling of closeness with her baby, whom she had been carrying in her womb for nine months. Adoptive mothers also have a strong desire for experiencing the same sort of biological attachment. Mothers planning to adopt newborns may have a question in mind - how to breastfeed their newly adopted child? The answer for this query is simple - Induced Lactation. It is the artificial method of breastfeeding a newborn, especially an adopted one, and is considered the best way to promote attachment with him/her. Induced lactation can be performed with medications and artificial aids. Read on to know more about breastfeeding an adopted baby.
How To Breastfeed Adopted Newborns 
  • Breast Pump: High-quality breast pump - a bilateral, electric, hospital-grade pump - can be used to stimulate lactation. This should be started well in advance, before you start breastfeeding the adopted child. The main purpose of pumping is to bring about changes in your breast so that milk production occurs. You may do this for at least five to six times a day. Consult your doctor to get the appropriate pump.
  • Medication: Medication is used to further stimulate the breast, in order to increase the milk production. Use of some hormones is prescribed by medical practitioners, which shall be used to serve the purpose. Many doctors recommend the use of lactation-inducing drugs, such as Galactogogues. Herbal forms of such drugs can also be used to increase milk production, so that you may breastfeed your adopted newborn.
  • Lact-Aid Nursing System: Lact-Aid system is also used at the time of nursing adopted child. This system works by providing a formula held in a container, which hangs around the mother’s neck. A small plastic feeding tube is placed beside the maternal nipple, which supplies the formula. The baby gets nutrition as he suckles at the breast, without being accustomed to a bottle. This way, the breast of the adoptive mother gets stimulated, thereby producing milk.

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