Boosting your man’s ego requires some efforts on your part. Read on to get some valuable tips on how to boost a guy’s ego.

How To Boost A Guy’s Ego

One of the major structural components of the human psychic apparatus is ego or ‘self’, as described by Sigmund Freud, the renowned neurologists and psychoanalyst. The concept of “humanism” presents and unfolds each human being as a separate identity, unique in his thoughts and beliefs and differing widely from another. This feeling of self is not inculcated by birth, but inherited from the family and later molded by the society. However, the way in which we express and present this side of our personal identity totally depends on us. Egoism or the feeling of ‘I’ or ‘Self’ is the driving force that makes us realize that we are each a separate entity, unique in our perceptions and opinions. However, every concept has its own flaws or cons and so does egoism. It is this concept that has formed the basis of bigotry, racism, prejudice and offending nature towards one another. While talking about egos and its pros and cons, it is mandatory that we bring forward the subject of male ego and how guys like to have the affirmation of having their egos stroked every once in a while. Although they pretend to be headstrong and tough, they often feel the need to have an ego-boost, as they have the constant urge to be strongest person around. Even within a relationship, they feel the need to demonstrate leadership and competence. Given below are some tips on how you can boost a guy’s ego by using some simple techniques.
Boosting Your Man’s Ego 
  • Be a good listener! Take interest in what he has to say to you and try to give your 100% attention to him when he talks.
  • Make him feel special by complimenting him and showering him with praises. The next time you find him wearing something nice and stylish; don’t take time in giving a nice compliment. However, do not go over the board, as this might make your attempts look fake and meaningless.
  • Put in efforts to make yourself look nice and beautiful, as it greatly flatters a male’s ego to know that you consider him important enough to put in extra efforts to dress up when you meet him.
  • Even though you are a self-reliant person, give the guy a chance to take care of your needs and pay when you dine out together. Though they don’t like to admit, men always want to take leadership and they feel especially good when they are the providers for a woman.
  • A great ego booster for men is when they know that they make you feel good in bed. So, if what he does to you makes you feel good, you can actually voice out your thoughts, by saying “that was great” or by simply allowing your body and actions to do all the talking.
  • Make him feel that he is smart and that you value what he has to say. Do not pounce on him every time he makes a mistake in his speech or he is incorrect with his information. However, at the same time, don’t act like you are dumb or thick in the head.

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