How to become popular - is one of the most asked questions in the current age. Here are some tips to help you become popular.

How To Become Popular

“When I grow up, I want to be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies” – Pussycat Dolls.
You don’t need to be rich or wealthy or a celebrity to be popular. You can be popular in own way, with your own sense of style and personality. Popularity is relative to that of others. People are just born popular or they acquire them through the days. There is one thing you need to be popular, to believe in yourself and decide that it doesn’t matter what it takes for you to get there. Nobody will admit to hating the attention for whatever the reason – maybe they look good, or they have an attractive smile or they dress well or seen in the famous nightclubs. But if you have none of these qualities and are sick of being ignored, then its time you pull up your socks and read about some the tips you could use to raise your popularity one level higher!
Becoming Popular 
  • Be polite. Don’t act like a bully and try to interact with everyone. Everyone’s decisions are important. Also, use less violent actions while eating, drinking, laughing etc. Don’t brag about yourself. No one cares that much! Stop making annoying noises and irritating people with your fake actions.
  • Observe people who you’d like to be as popular as. It could be your friend or a famous person. Either way, watch how they move about and interact with others and what they say. If you like how a celebrity dresses then cut out their photos then incorporate this kind of wardrobe into your own. You don’t have to wear the exact same thing if you’re not comfortable in it, but something of that kind would do wonders.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Learn a little about the people you are going to meet, bring a few jokes to entertain the crowd and generally make conversation with people around you. Most importantly listen to the other person, as you’d like them to listen to you. A bold approach will be your best try!
  • Help anyone you see. Being popular is not so much about looking good, as it is about feeling good. When walking down the road, if someone drops something, be the first one to help them. At a club, if someone is talking to you about their problems listen and try to find a resolve. It could just be a small thought that counts.
  • More adventurous? Date someone popular in school. Suggest you go on a nice romantic movie and maybe it’ll turn out to be a long lasting relationship after all. So you would’ve got what you wanted (popular!) and you will be totally in love!
  • Use your common sense while you dress up! Dress like you mean it - uncomfortable clothes only make people laugh at you. It doesn’t matter what kind of dress you’re wearing, make sure you are comfortable. Wearing short clothes in the cold winter is not going to make you or anyone around you feel better.
  • Approach a gathering with a casual attitude. Try not to involve yourself in controversies and don’t make small talk behind someone’s back. No one thinks that’s cool especially if they’ve trusted you to act differently.
  • At the end of all this, be yourself. Don’t lose that special quality about you. Have the courtesy to smile at others and look confident even if you are not. The rest will automatically follow.

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