It may sound completely improbable, but it is actually possible. Read on to know how to arrange an inexpensive wedding.

How To Arrange A Cheap Wedding

Cheap Wedding – the very combination of the two words makes one chuckle. It is almost like saying that someone is terribly good – an oxymoron. Is that what you are thinking? Then here is an eye opener – a wedding will be as expensive as you would like it to be. Surely the bride’s side spends the most, across various communities all over India. Women have this irritating way of being one-up on their friends, thus they look for ways to make even a simple pre-wedding ceremony highly expensive. They must remember that here are many important things that will demand the attention and the pocket of their parents. Thus, if there are ways to minimize the costs, they should opt for it. For instance, here are some ways to minimize the cost as weddings
How To Arrange An Inexpensive Wedding
Off Season
As we all know, off season weddings are more inexpensive than those during the wedding season. The cost of everything, from the venue of the wedding to decorations and catering becomes less.
Instead of hiring professional help, get your siblings and cousins to decorate the wedding venue. Buy fresh flowers and other decoration items at wholesale rates so that they turn out cheaper too.
Instead of inviting the whole family, invite only the couples. That way there will be fewer mouths to feed. However, if you know of a couple who have a widowed mother or father visiting them, make sure to invite them too.
Wedding Cards
You can design wedding cards yourself. Learn the tricks of trade from those in the trade – it helps to learn Adobe Photoshop from the online tutorials available over the net. Remember, after confidence, internet is a woman’s next best friend – not diamonds! Such cards are expensive. All you need to buy is fancy paper and you can make your own wedding cards at home using the internet and Adobe Photoshop. In this way, you can customize the cards too, instead of settling for what they display in front of you, which will be the most expensive of the lot. Also, make sure to draw a map of the way to the venue at the back of the card for the convenience of the guests.
Bridal Trousseau
All over India, though the customs may be different, the bride most often has to change her dress or sari more than once. Thus, you end up buying too many of them from the most expensive outlets. Instead of doing that buy at the most two or a maximum of three from the expensive shops and, for every other ceremony before marriage – say the roka or the mehendi and sangeet, buy inexpensive dresses or, better have them stitched by a family member or family friend who is known for doing a great job. Make sure you pay her at least the minimum amount and give her enough notice for stitching the dresses. There are many stores in all big cities where they sell fabrics. Buy good quality fabric from such stores and make sure you know what to buy so that you don’t end up buying anything that is too expensive and doesn’t suit your needs. Also, if custom demands that you buy dresses for your cousins and siblings too, then it is all the more helpful to get it done cheap. Shops selling decoration items, kundans for the dresses, laces and other embellishments are the best way to go about.
Your parents must have already done away with a large chunk of their hard earned money to buy jewelry for you – at least the traditional ones that they are required to gift you. So, if you still need something that goes better with your dress, but inexpensive kundan jewelry or borrow some from a relative. In any case, it has to last only for a day.
Food takes up a large portion of the budget for any wedding. Make sure you have at least the basics in place, the rest will only add to the expenses. Some people have the habit of arranging for four or more different types of cuisines – from Italian, Continental to Indian and even Chinese – in the menu. Do not take their example – such wedding are not only expensive but very vulgar as well.

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