It isn’t all that difficult to find out if someone has been lying to you. Here are some signs that you can look out for to spot the liar.

What Are The Signs Of A Liar

We often tell our children not to lie – “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!” goes the refrain. Lying is also considered one of the five deadly sins and is detested as a sign of immorality across cultures. And yet, there are people who build their entire lives on piles and piles of lies, and make it all the more difficult for people to trust even those who are honest. Thus, we recognize the importance of being able to spot the liar. In fact, there are many telltale signs of those who lie, even if they are the seasoned ones who lie through their teeth. Lie detector may not be available to every household to spot the con, but some indicativsigns can be looked out for. Here are some tell tale signs that will help you spot the liar. 
Signs To Spot A Liar 

Eyes, Eyes Baby!
This is the most surefire way of recognizing a liars – in fact, the most time-tested one as well. They  will avoid making eye contact with you, while they are lying, because locking eyes with you gives them the feeling that they are being scrutinized, which the would like to avoid. They are fearful of being caught in the act. 

Touch Me Not!
Apart from avoiding eye contact, liars will also try avoiding as much bodily contact as possible, for the same reason as mentioned above. To be able to formulate a lie, they have to be able to think clearly; if in a situation like that, they were to get tensed, it would affect their ability to think. Being in close contact with someone, – sitting next to the person or facing them – makes them feel as if they are being closely examined and that makes them anxious. 

No Blink
People who are lying have to put up a poker face – a false expression that disguises their true emotions. They have to control their emotions so that the truth is not betrayed on their face. Thus, one can notice unnatural facial expressions like less blinking and controlled, tense facial expressions. 

Absolutely (Not)!
Words like “always”, “never”, “every time”, “all my life” and so on are known as absolutes. They are lies in themselves and of themselves as well. People who are usually honest use these phrases only when absolutely necessary and true. When it comes to liars, on the other hand, such absolutes keep creeping into their vocabulary all the time. 

Details, Details…
Those who lie have to make extra efforts of sounding credible and convincing. Thus, they make up elaborate stories and give you all the details – even the ones who don’t ask for and are not interested in knowing. In fact, when someone gives you an explanation for something that they have done, without you having asked for it or accused them of wrong intentions, then you have a good reason to suspect them.

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