Olive oil is considered to be a gift of god, because of the numerous health benefits that it accords its users. Read on to know more about the benefits & uses of olive oil.

Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

It is considered to be a gift of god; a fountain of great wealth, power, magic, medicine; and an endless source of allurement. Homer, the Greek poet, christened it as liquid gold. It is mentioned more than 140 times in the Bible itself. Wondering what are we talking about? What else can it be, other than olive oil? Incorporate a Mediterranean diet in your lifestyle or toss the oil in your salad or even use it as your massage oil, anyhow it will prove helpful for your overall health. In the following lines, we have listed some of the health benefits of olive oil, to give you an extra reason to add it in your diet. Also explore the various uses of this liquid gold.
Benefits & Uses Of Olive Oil
Super Food For Heart
Olive oil is highly beneficial in preventing heart diseases and keeping the heart healthy. It is rich in mono-saturated fats, antioxidants, and vitamin E. It helps in lowering the blood pressure significantly and decreases the risk of heart attack as well. In addition, it helps in preventing the blood clots from reaching certain levels and thus reduces the chance of their becoming delinquent.
Inhibits Growth Of Cancer
Some studies have shown that the growth of breast, colon, bowel, and skin cancer can be significantly reduced with regular use of olive oil. Oleic acid, one of the main monosaturated fats present in olive oil, has the ability to cripple the cancer gene and thus, prevent cancer growth.
Helps Maintain Lower Weight
Some fatty acids found in olive oil can curb hunger cravings. You can substitute olive oil for other vegetable oils, as the effect of fats in the former is far less cumulative. In addition, it promotes healthy metabolism and forces the body to burn off calories at a faster rate. So, if you are planning to lose weight and maintain a healthy body, olive oil would prove to be quite useful.
Anti Aging Remedy
The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil help slow down the aging process of cells, on the inside as well as outside. It helps give the skin a stunning glow and also reduces the wrinkles. You can use the oil in your salad dressing, cook your food in it and even apply it on your skin directly.
Excellent Beauty Product
Olive oil does wonder to your skin, giving it a natural glow and shine. In fact, it plays an important part in increasing the overall beauty of a person. It is used in several beauty and cosmetic products. You can use it as scrub, cleanser, and moisturizer. It can be applied to the hair, to give shine, increase volume, reduce dandruff and control hair fall. Incorporate it in your lifestyle and see the magic yourself.
Blood Sugar Controller
Olive oil contains the highest amount of mono-saturated fats, compared with any other oil and helps in stabilizing the level of blood sugar. The oil also proves to be a great source of vanadium, a lesser-known mineral that is also helpful in controlling the blood sugar level in the human body.
Lessens Severity Of Asthma & Arthritis
Olive oil is a very good anti-inflammatory agent and the mono-saturated fats present in it prove helpful in decreasing any inflammation in the body. Thus, the oil proves helpful in lessening the severity of asthma and arthritis.

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