In a world where people are turning more and more health conscious, the prominence of olive also has increased. Find how olive leaf extract can be beneficial.

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

"And the dove came in to him in the evening, and lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off. So Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth." (Genesis 8: 11).
Olive was considered out of ordinary during the biblical times. Even now, it is considered special and that may be reason to consider it as a symbol of peace. Holding out an olive branch is a cue to peace by ending a dispute that has been going for a long time. If it is considered as the biblical ‘tree of life’, it is the phytochemical in it that gives it the name. Olive is a household name in the Mediterranean and is grown largely in those areas. The early Egyptians considered olive to be sacred and used to mummify their kings in olive extracts. The medicinal properties of olives are quite common in those areas. A simple soup made of olive leaves can get rid of flu. Even in England during the colonial days, public servants of the Queen who returned from British colonies had the olive leaf extracts taken for a detoxification effect. 
Olive Leaf Extract Benefits 

High Energizer
It is a true form of providing perkiness. People get highly energized and will be in good spirits after having olive leaf extract. Olive leaf extract can also help people become highly active as well. It is strongly recommended for people who are athletic to help increase their stamina and performance.

Helps Cure Chronic Fatigue
As said above it is a good energizer, which can cure diseases like fatigue. It has a certain detoxification properties in it, which helps it to provide a cure for fatigue in people.

Flu And Colds
Flu and colds are caused by viruses in general and the extract has great anti-viral properties that help prevent diseases like flu and cold. 

Fight Against Infectious Diseases
Olive leaf extract are generally used in prevention of dental, ear, urinary, and many kinds of surgical infection. It has been found that olive leaf extract also has the power to fight disease, causing microorganism.

Anti AIDS Properties
The anti AIDS property of olive leaf extract helps preventing the growth of AIDS virus in human beings, as it hinders the formation of an enzyme that is necessary for the virus to grow. 

Improves Blood Circulation/Bacterial Infections
It helps in good circulation of blood through the body. Olive leaf extract are helpful in curing bacterial infections as well.

Olive leaf extract can cure herpes within days of its use. 

It can lower blood sugar level. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Helps prevents symptoms related to arthritis like swollen fingers, pain in the joints etc.

Fungal And Yeast Infections
They fight against infections caused by fungus and yeast.
It has medicinal properties to cure tropical illness like malaria.

Skin Diseases
Olive was always a part of women’s beauty secret. Now they will be happier to know that olive leaf extract can help prevent dandruff and many a skin allergies.

Side Effects of Olive Oil Extract

  • Although not much side effects have been found it is better to avoid its usage without medical supervision.
  • People with low blood pressure and low blood glucose level should also avoid it.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, it is best recommended not to take this or any other herbal extracts without medical advice.

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