Gold facial is the latest beauty therapy in the market. Check out more about Gold facial treatment and gold facial mask.

Gold Facial

In case you thought wearing gold jewelry is the only way to glitter and make heads turn, we give you some more news about gold, to keep those eyes stuck on you. You can now improve your skin and beauty with the help of a gold facial. Yes, the desirable metal is now ready to work wonders on your skin and make you look younger. The concept of gold facial is deemed to be based on Ayurveda and acts as a powerful anti ageing treatment. So for a sparkling smooth skin, without wrinkles, check out the Gold facial details given below.
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Gold Facial Treatment
Gold facial is available at only selected beauty clinics and saloons, as it is quite costly. It is a unique treatment, which involves special methods of massage and application. The main ingredients of the facial are gold cream and gold gel. These contain 24-carat gold, Aloe Vera, wheat germ oil and sandalwood. Moreover, it is available for benefiting both dry and oily skin types. Once again, gold facial has given the researchers an opportunity to explore the medicinal properties of the multifaceted metal Gold.
Benefits Of Gold Facial Mask
Gold is known to be one of the softest metals, which is readily absorbed by the skin. Thus, gold facial is primarily preferred for reducing file lines on the face and to prevent ageing. Given below are some of the other benefits of such a facial. 
  • Gold facial penetrates the skin and is believed to have revitalizing and rejuvenating effects
  • Such a facial is touted to facilitate the removal of toxins and wastes
  • Gold facial is also said to assist lymphatic drainage
  • It can help improves blood circulation and bring a glow to the face
  • Enhanced skin elasticity is another one of the benefits of gold facial.
  • Gold facial is renowned for accelerating cell renewal
  • It is touted as a product that can reverse oxidation damage 
How To Do Gold Facial 
  • First of all, you have to cleanse the skin properly, by making use of a cleanser that has been made with marigold extract.
  • The next step would comprise of removing the dead cells, by making use of a cream that is mixed with gold dust and honey.
  • Now is the time to use the cream that is mixed with saffron, gold foil and sandalwood powder. Use it to massage the face for 10 minutes.
  • The combination of gold foil, aloe vera gel and turmeric pack will be used for the next 10 minutes, with the help of a special instrument. This will melt the gold foil and help the skin absorb all of its good qualities.
  • Next, you have to apply a cold compression on the entire face, this time making use of the lavender lotion
  • The final step will comprise of applying a face pack of honey, mixed with the gold foil. Keep it on for 10 minutes and then rinse off.
  • Find your face glowing with the radiance of gold!

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