Given below is the difference between gold and gold plated jewelry. Read further and know how to differentiate between real & fake jewelry.

Difference Between Gold And Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold jewelry is one of the most preferred items of accessories, as far as women are concerned. Gold has been a precious metal adorning women and enhancing their beauty, since ages. The high monetary value and beauty of gold jewelry ensures that the value of its wearer or possessor increases automatically. Owing to its high demand and appeal, it is now available in a wide range of colors, finishes and styles. It is even studded with gemstones to enhance its appeal and splendor. However, as the price of the gold has become soaring high, consumers have another option, in the form of gold plated jewelry, which is affordable as well as attractive.
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Difference between Real & Fake Jewelry
Gold is always judged on the basis of its value in Karat. Pure gold is marked 24 Karat, but is quite soft. To make the metal hard and sturdy, other metals are mixed with it. For knowing the purity of this amalgamation, the karat quality usually accompanies the jewelry item. The karat value is also an indicator of the proportion of gold mixed with the other metal. In effect, higher the karat value, higher is the proportion of gold in the jewelry. Besides, gold jewelry usually signifies solid gold item, which is not hollow from inside.
On the other hand, gold plated jewelry means that the item has at least a 10 karat gold layer over it, which is bonded mechanically to a base metal.  It is even termed as gold-filled, gold overlay and rolled gold plate. Gold plating eventually wears away and its beauty depends upon the number of times the item had been worn and also the thickness of the plating. Moreover, fake gold jewelry loses its color as well as sheen quite soon, especially when it comes in contact with sweat. One of the best ways to check between the fake and real gold jewelry is by conducting the acid test or the electronic gold test.

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