Do you wish to keep your marriage less publicized and low budgeted? Then a courthouse marriage should be your best option. Discover how to get married at the courthouse with this piece.

Getting Married At The Courthouse

Do you find those lavish and grand weddings to be just gaudy and overtly expensive? Then, a courthouse wedding is probably what you wish to indulge in. How exciting it is to find just the two of you walking down the aisle set outside the court with just a couple of close friends and family members accompanying you as witnesses! Well, it sure is, especially for those who want their wedding to be a low key affair and wish to spend just the requisite amount of money. Plus, if you’ve planned too quickly and do not have enough time to make preparations, then a court marriage is the most delightful approach to tie the nuptial knot. Though a court marriage is on your wedding card, it does not imply that you put on your regular jeans and stand before the judge to declare “I do”. No matter how much money is tight, but the love that you both have shared as a couple will merge into one soul after this heavenly function. Let the fun and magic spread to a distance, at least till your heart, on this special day. Find tips and ideas for planning your wedding at the courthouse.
How To Get Married At The Courthouse
Complete the Formalities
Visit your local courthouse and get yourself registered for a marriage license. You will have to pay some amount as fees that vary depending upon the state you are living in. Talk to the attendant filling your license to fix your marriage date. As a general rule, a person receives his/her marriage license in two weeks, but it purely depends on which state you are living in and what rules does the concerned state follow.
Gather Witnesses
Most courthouses demand two witnesses to oversee the proceedings of your marriage. This is usually performed by a maid of honor and best man. However, any legal person above the age of 18 years can be accompanied as a witness. So, if it’s a court marriage what you are hoping for, then pick up two reliable and dependable witnesses to view your wedding.
Prepare Yourself
Doesn't matter if you have decided to go to the court to get married, it should not stop you from pampering yourself and looking your best. After all, it’s your wedding and the most special day in your life. Indulge in a long hot bath and get yourself a manicure, pedicure, massage, and hair style. Whatever method you look upon, make sure that you keep yourself happy and look extremely beautiful and a perfect bride/bridegroom.
Dress Up
You have decided to cut down the costs of getting married by keeping it a private affair. However, do not stop yourself from buying a pretty and elegant wedding dress. Every bride and bridegroom has the right to look stunning and feel great on his/her wedding day. Pick up a gorgeous new dress. Remember, your wedding dress is an investment that will enhance your beauty and looks, improving your glow and happiness. Let the world know you are happy to turn into a Mr./Mrs. post the wedding ceremony.
Have Flowers
No wedding is complete without flowers, especially the bride whose attire seems partial in their absence. But if you cannot afford to order and get a pretty flower bouquet prepared, you can pick up some wildflowers from the forests or the backyard and tie them together with an attractive satin ribbon. It would surely let you feel the blushing hues of a bride.
Click Pictures
Being the most important day of your life, you cannot afford to forget capturing photographs of this special occasion. Ask your friend or a family member to click snaps of the whole ceremony including before, during, and after scenes of the wedding. After all, these are those lovely and memorable moments that will be cherished for life. Pick up the best photograph and get it framed. Thereafter, hang it at the most noticeable place to relive and refresh your moments of love.
Treat on a Lavish Meal
Ahh! The wedding bells have finally rung and you have taken the wedding vows. Now what? Time to treat yourself and your well-wishers with some exotic delicacies! Take your witnesses and family members to a restaurant or hotel that you can easily afford. Make sure that the eating place you choose should be worth enjoying simply because your wedding ceremony has just ended and you can’t let it turn bland and tasteless. Have a great toast and indulge in your favorite dishes. This gathering will serve as a perfect opportunity to love, laugh, and share the beauty of the beginning of your new life.
Complete your courthouse marriage by decorating your bedroom with flowers, candles, and chocolates. Remember to include a decently-priced bottle of wine for that perfect first night. Good Luck for your newly wedded life!

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