Is stubborn fat haunting you day and night? All you need is an effective fat loss workout! Read on to find out the best fat burning workout for your body.

Fat Loss Workout

So, you want to burn that stubborn fat around your body? Good! But before you start, did you know it is not required that you do a mad workout or starve yourself to insanity or anorexia to achieve your target? Yes. All this is absolutely irrelevant. All you need to do is act smart with fat loss issues. This is the best tip one can get. Fat loss workouts get your body into shape but, as mentioned, it cannot be sorted with exercise or diet alone. A good doze of exercise coupled with a healthy balanced diet can help you shed those extra pounds, and fast! Contrary to the popular belief, it is not your eating habits but your metabolism rate that defines how quickly you lose the fat. A fat loss workout is based on – cardio and strength training. You can’t expect to just work the area where the fat has accumulated and be satisfied. You need to sweat it all out to burn the layer of fat under the skin before you start seeing the muscle. Read more to understand the fat loss workout better!
Fat Burning Workout

This is a fun and easy way to lose fat. You might think you can’t move too much with aerobics, it is a highly recommended method to get rid of the excess body flab. Make sure you do some warm-up exercises before you start the workout and cool-down sets after the exercise. This is extremely important in relaxing your muscles. The body metabolism rate is increased and at the same time just about 20 minutes of aerobics can get the fat enzymes burning overtime.

Aha cardio! 30 minutes of this Godly exertion is a must atleast twice a week if not every day. This gives you great fat burning effects and increases your metabolism in the process. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to the gym or use a cardio machine for this to happen. Running, jogging, walking, cycling outdoors, walking up a flight of steps each day are all forms of cardio.

Weight Training
Many of us come to assume that weight training is only for those who want huge and bulging biceps. This is obviously a myth. Muscle cannot convert to fat. The fat collects over the muscle such that when you work a certain region, it reduces. In short, weight training conditions the muscle mass. Weight lifting doesn’t stop only with burning calories; it also raises your metabolism after the workouts. 

Individual Exercises
After completing all the above exercises, you can shift to working on individual problem areas. Suppose you have stubborn tummy fat, then leg lifting exercises for 2 repetitions and in sets of 25 would be a good regime. Abs workout such as crunches, sit ups and abs machine will only work after a good cardio workout. For the upper part of your body, do bench presses, pull ups and chin ups. For the lower part of the body such as legs, do squats, calf exercises, leg curls etc. For the buttocks and back, do forward lunges and donkey kicks.

Ask your trainer about how to go about doing these exercises and in what order. You can’t work your abs, legs and arms in a single day! Splitting the week into a workout pattern that you can perform will give you a positive lead towards fat loss. Just like how Nancy Drew said: “The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.” So, start now before it’s too late!

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