Looking for fast ways to lose weight – maybe in about 2 weeks? Some quick weight loss tips just for you!

Fast Ways To Lose Weight

How can I lose weight? This question is probably the most asked one on most of the forums. All dieticians, gym trainers and almost all lifestyle websites have innumerable tips to help you lose weight! Starving and excessive exercising will not really get you what you want. There is a smarter and healthier way to achieve it and we’ve got the answers! The only things you need are strong will power, determination and focus on this project. It is not an inhumane task, but it sure requires a lot of concentration. After these fast ways of losing weight, the point is to keep it up so that you don’t gain it back on. Fat is something that you’re happy to lose even if it costs a bomb. Well, you obviously you are impatient, so let’s just get to the point! Read more about these tips and try and follow them step by step!

Losing Weight Fast

  • Weights are a good way to begin your exercise. Start with light weights; go on to slightly heavier weights. This way, you will help your body metabolize away all the fat and stronger muscles will replace all the fat! You’d like to see that happen, wouldn’t you? Then, join a good gym quickly.
  • This is probably one of the most common tips too! Drink 8-10 glasses of water. Substituting water with any other liquid does not work because only water can flush out toxins and wastes and give away more food to be metabolised. A surprising fact is that ice cold water makes you lose weight faster than regular water. If you drink before eating, the space in your stomach will be filled and your body will mistake that for being full.
  • Bad eating habits are the worst kind of problem in a weight loss program. 5 small meals a day is better than 3 big meals. Portion control is very important. The best way to control food intake is to eat fist size portions of meat, vegetables and rice.
  • Small snacks between meals are allowed. The only condition is, they are considered as one of the 5 meals! Snacks such as a fruit, yogurt, and nuts are all good for health and body.
  • Cabbage soup. This might not sound very appetizing, but it really works! A lot of people swear by this method of losing weight.
  • There is a direct link between sleep and losing weight. Tiredness or lack of sleep leads to craving and resultant bingeing on unhealthy food. Also, no one can sleep on an empty stomach. So eating at the right times and sleeping for atleast 8 hours will help you solve the problem.
  • Fully cut down on sugar. Black tea, black coffee and no candies or simple carbohydrates will kill the lethargy that you feel at times.  
  • Smaller plates in darker colours have always been helpful. When you use a smaller plate, anything you put on the plate will appear more. Darker colours are known to create darkness and hence less space. It is a more psychological attempt to make you reduce the number of helpings.
  • Chewing slowly also makes you feel full at the right time and grossly cuts down the chances of overeating.  
Following these tips should get you where you want and make you feel fabulous about yourself too!

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