Dream of getting back to shape but it seems a hard challenge? You just need to know how to be in shape. In this article, we have provided steps for getting back to shape.

How To Be In Shape

Do the perfectly-shaped bodies of models send a pang of disgust deep down your gut? Do you too desire to get into the perfect hour-glass figure? Does attaining the same seem a Herculean task? Well, it does appear for most, but in reality, it isn’t that difficult to get the perfect shape. And if you thought that dieting is the only way you could fit back into your favorite pair of jeans, know that all this time you were living in a world that was nothing but fictional! Thinking who, in the world, spread this rumor? Well, it could be those who didn’t have to go through the arduous task of dieting in the first place. But now that you know that dieting can’t possible help you fit into the favorite pair of jeans, wondering what is it then? Well, it’s actually a cumulative mantra wherein will power when mixed with right portions of balanced diet and exercise would help you attain that perfect body shape. Try changing your lifestyle and watch how good things happen to you automatically. However, there is a whole lot of difference in between making a plan and sticking to it. You need to be regular and dedicated towards the exercise and diet plan to get the best results in short span of time. Know that laziness and irregularity will lead you nowhere. A perfect shaped and toned body is appreciated by all. It also indicates fitness of a person and makes the appearance smarter, charming and attractive too. Go through the following lines and find out ways for being in shape.
Being In Shape
Will Power
The very initial step is to make your mind and build a strong will power. A lot of efforts are required to lose weight and staying in shape. It demands consistent determination, focus, efforts and a very strong will power. You have to compromise with few things like junk food, oily food, high calorie food, etc. in order to stay in shape.
Balanced Diet
The one and only way to stay in shape and healthy at the same time would be by combining exercise and balanced diet together. You need to carry out the following dietary changes for staying in shape.
  • Eliminate all the fatty, fried, fast and processed food from your diet. Also, delete aerated drinks from your diet plan.
  • Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Never opt for fad diets. They might help you lose on those excess kilos for sometime, but in the long run, these diets would cause more harm than good.
  • Have five to six small meals in a day instead of three large ones. People usually gorge on large quantities of food, if they opt for three meals in a day. Avoid overeating by all chance. Even if you like a dish so much so that you are unable to resists, even after gorging up 3 full bowls of the same, drink some water and redirect your mind towards something else.
  • Our body definitely needs some amount of carbohydrates. The best way to fulfill this requirement is eating food having complex carbohydrates like brown rice, wheat bread, green leafy vegetable, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • Do not eat white food products such as pasta, rice, noodles and so on.
  • Be sure that your diet includes a large amount of proteins, fibers and calcium. They all help in reducing fat.
  • Also, include lean meat, low fat dairy products, eggs, olive oil, nuts and almonds in your diet.
  • Losing body fat and staying in shape has got a lot to do with the water intake. Proper water intake helps get rid of the toxins from our system and also replenishes the system. So to keep your body hydrated, guzzle down at least 8 glasses of water every day.
Exercise Schedule
Exercise on a daily basis. Even if you don’t get a time to hit the gym, include some cardiovascular exercises in your routine such as running, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc. Dancing is also a great cardiovascular exercise. These exercises help in maintaining the weight of a person and increase the stamina too. You can either choose one exercise or multiple exercises of your interest. You must dedicate at least 40 minutes for cardiovascular exercises; else the effort would go in vain. To tone up your body, weightlifting exercises are essential. These exercises strengthen your muscles and increase the endurance power. Set up goals for best results and work towards attaining them.
Relaxed Life
Remember, the adage “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Though you might laugh at it, but on a serious note, it is actually a perfect recipe for a relaxed life. To stay in perfect health and shape, a stress-free life is necessary. A person must sleep for around 7- 8 hours. Proper sleep would mean healthy body, which in turn would help you stay in shape.  
Additional tips
  • Set a particular time in your daily regimen for exercising and stick to it.
  • You can do exercise while watching T.V and listening to music to make the session more interesting.
  • If you fell restless while exercising, it is better to stop it, lest you harm your body.
  • It is always good to consult a doctor or dietician before heading towards any diet or exercise plan.
With these steps to stay in shape, you can easily give a perfect shape to your body accompanying it with great health and fitness. Also, it would make you happier, smarter and active!

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