Know about the CGH Earth hotels, known for their environmental friendly hotels in Cochin/Kochi, Kerala.

Environment Friendly Hotels In Cochin

CGH Earth Hotels group is one of the environment friendly hotels in Cochin city of Kerala - ‘Gods Own Country’. The hotel chain was started with the aim of helping people experience the real Kerala, combined with the warm hospitality in which the state takes pride. Since their inception, the hotels set up under the CGH brand have tried to stick to their aim and provide excellent facilities to their tourists, with the warmth that can make them forget their own home. CGH Earth Hotels present the perfect amalgamation of the new and the old - world class amenities and traditions, contemporary world and culture! Amongst its environmental friendly hotels in Cochin are:
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Brunton Boatyard Hotel
Brunton Boatyard Hotel, situated in Cochin, was envisioned to be reflective of the colonial era of the state. Built as per Dutch and Portuguese architectural style, the hotel easily manages to do the same. Though not very huge, it sure makes up for its small size through its impressive looks and outstanding services. To take you back into time, the lobby of Brunton Boatyard Hotel has been adorned with old-fashioned fans, of Indo-Portuguese origin.
As you start proceeding inside the hotel, the interiors will take you farther back in time. Be it the Boatyard-converted corridor, the Old Dutch maps on a wall or the Armory Bar, Brunton Boatyard Hotel is sure to make you nostalgic. Its History restaurant will satisfy your appetite with the most delicious cuisines of Kerala origin. The dinner, comprising of grilled fish (freshly caught) is usually had at the Terrace Grill. No wonder the rooms of the hotel remain full almost always!
Casino Hotel
Another CGH Earth Hotel situated in Cochin, Casino epitomizes simplicity and elegance. Situated on the Willingdon Island, the hotel pleases you with delightful sights of the enormous dockyards of the ancient port. The swaying coconut trees and the dazzling waters of the Arabian Sea accompany you on the drive to the hotel. The traditional welcome that is given to the guests, the moment they enter the hotel, speaks volumes about the warm hospitality offered by it.
The food connoisseurs are sure to fall in love with the sumptuous local cuisine served at the restaurant in Hotel Casino. Not only that, it also serves a number of other cuisines, of which all will leave you wanting for more. The rooms have an understated elegance and a distinct touch and will give you the perfect experience of Kerala and its rich legacy. The exotic cocktails served in the Vasco da Gama Lounge only seem to enhance the pleasure of staying in the hotel.
Other CGH Earth Group Hotels
Apart from Brunton Boatyard and Casino, CGH Earth Group operates a number of other hotels in Kerala under its brand. They comprise of Coconut Lagoon, Marari Beach, Swa Swara, Spice Village, Kalari, Kovilakom and Bangaram Island Resort. Whatever be the place, the warm welcome and excellent hospitality offered by the hotels remains the same. On one hand, you will be provided with all the contemporary services, on the other, they will help you explore the rich customs and traditions of the place we call Kerala!

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