Ear Wax can be removed at home, without any pain. Check out the ear wax removal home remedies given below.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is the yellowish waxy substance that is secreted in the ear canal of humans and other mammals. Medically termed as cerumen, it keeps the ear moist, clean and lubricated. It even protects the ear from insects, bacteria and fungi. However, ear wax should not be produced in excess quantity, as it might cause blockage, itchiness and sometimes even lead to hearing loss. Thus, if you are experiencing any discomfort with regard to wax in your ear, it’s not something to be ignored. Earwax is mainly of two types - dry and wet. The wet cerumen is dark brown or yellow in color and can be easily removed. However, the dry cerumen is mostly dark grey in color and needs to be softened before removing.  
Talking about ear wax removal, most of the people tend to use cotton swabs or ear buds for cleaning the same. On the contrary, the method should only be used for cleaning the external ear, as the cotton pushes the wax further into the canal, rather than removing it. Buds can even hurt your membrane and puncture it, if used forcefully. For regular removal of wax, given below are some home remedies. Read through them and find out how to remove ear wax, at home. In case the condition still persists or aggravates, do not shy away from visiting an ENT specialist.
Home Remedies for Ear Wax Removal
Using Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to get rid of ear wax. For this, apply three to four drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear.
  • Now, fill up a bulb syringe with lukewarm water and very gently, squirt the water into each ear.
  • Make sure you do not squirt it too hard; else you might hurt your ear.
  • Tilt your head to let the water run out.
  • Once this is done, soak a small cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and squeeze it into each ear, letting it run completely down into the ear canal.
  • Next, tilt your head and let the alcohol run out.  
  • This would dry out the ear canal and remove the wax. 
Other Home Remedies 
  • Use a seawater ear spray on a daily basis, if you need to clean the ear canal regularly.
  • Another method of cleaning your ear canal would comprise of using warm paraffin oil. This would not only soften the wax, but also dissolve it completely. For this, apply two to three drops of paraffin oil. Once this is done, tilt your head downwards. Repeat this process for a few days. Later, squirt some warm water in the ears. This would help remove ear wax.
  • You can also use a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in the ratio of 1:1, to remove the ear wax and also restore the natural pH of ear canal. Warm the concentration and flush the ear with it. All the un-dissolved wax would be removed.
  • For regular cleaning of your ears, olive oil or baby oil would be the best bet. For this, all you need to do is heat the olive oil/ baby oil slightly and pour it in the ears. Lie still for a few minutes, before emptying the oil in the sink.
  • You can also use eardrops containing sodium carbonate, for clearing wax from your ear.

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