Sleep disturbance is mainly of two types in toddlers – either the kid may be finding it difficult to sleep or waking up abruptly at night. Read on sleep problems in toddlers & their suitable remedy.

Sleep Disturbances In Toddlers

Sleep disturbances or irregular sleeping behavior is a common problem a lot of parents find their toddlers suffering from. Sleep problem is mainly of the following two types in toddlers – either the child is finding it increasingly difficult to sleep without making fuss or he /she is abruptly waking up in the middle of the night all frightened and restless.
Researches state that about a quarter of young children / toddlers suffer from chronic sleep problems. While few symptoms may be present since birth, some other sleep disturbances in toddlers may surface at specific times, for instance during teething or maybe after a sickness. It is estimated that the rate of kids finding it problematic to sleep is about 22 per cent, whereas regular night waking accounts for 42 per cent.
Tips on Dealing with Common Sleeping Disturbances in Toddlers
Here are some useful tips and suggestions for dealing with common sleeping disturbances or problems in toddlers. However, if none of these works it is important for you to seek professional help of a doctor for your child.
1) Tips for Toddlers Who Find Difficulty in Sleeping
  • Make your toddler religiously follow a simple bedtime routine such as timely eating, bathing and sleeping on an every day basis.  
  • Give your kid some time to settle into his / her bed when sleeping. Leave the child alone for a little while if he /she is creating fuss or not wanting to go to sleep. But do not leave the child alone for long time.  
  • The ambience should be calm and quiet when you are making the little one sleep. Let him / her understand that night time is different from daytime.
  • If the above idea does not work, then keep the natural house noises going. Few kids are relaxed when they are able to hear the usual household sounds because then they know that you must be around.
  • Ensure that your toddler has sobered down when going to sleep. This will make the toddler’s shifting from a lively mode to the sleeping one smooth.
  • Incase the kid keeps getting up when you are trying to put him / her to sleep, then it helps to act firm sometimes. It may take time, but he or she will finally get the message.
2) Tips for Toddlers Who Keep Waking Up Abruptly at Night
  • You have to understand that the sleeping duration may vary widely from one kid to another. While some kids fare well with just six hours of sleep, others may not be satisfied with even a couple of hours more. Do deal with the kid patiently while trying to put him / her back to sleep.
  • Though not a little baby any more, many toddlers still keep getting up during the nights for feeds. If your want to lessen the toddler’s frequency of getting up during the night for feeds, then gradually substitute milk with water.
  • You toddler may find it difficult to get to sleep if you have got him / her habituated to having been rocked or sung to sleep and are not available for any reason when napping.  
  • When you comfort a toddler while putting him or her to sleep, then keep the lights low and use a soft voice. 
  • Don't incite him / her to play during sleep time.

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