Have you had enough of your double chin making your jawline look fat? Then you must read about a double chin workout. Here, are given some exercises for your double chin.

Double Chin Workout

Double chins are signs of looking adorable in some and not so adorable in others. For the ‘others’, it is a sign of fat deposition, ageing or some terrible genes! Losing your double chin could involve either of the two measures – one being chin liposuction while another being a well chalked out workout. The muscle involved in the downward movement of the chin (and double chin, if you have one!) and corners of the mouth is called the platysma. It is this muscle that has to be exercised in order to lose that double chin flab. Sometimes, it is forgotten that the double chin is associated with a good posture. And, the posture that has to be maintained to avoid formation of a double chin is one with the head held high and back straight both while sitting or standing. To know more about how you can implement a workout in your daily regime read the next section!
Exercises For Double Chin
  • Chin slap might seem like an exercise that couldn’t help much, but, in effect, it is one of the most effective exercises for reducing a double chin. To do this, using the back of your hand, slap your chin slowly and gently first. Keep increasing the speed. Do about 10 reps for 2-3 min a day.
  • Lie down on the floor and lift your head facing the ceiling. Hold this position and turn your head from side to side without coming back to starting position. Do about 10 reps.
  • This next exercise is called a ‘shovel’. The mouth is opened wide and the bottom lip is placed over the bottom teeth. Try moving your jaw up and down in this position. Repeat about 5 times and do this exercise daily.
  • Take a ball and place it under your chin (volleyball preferably and not something small). Drop your chin so that it is aimed at the top of your chest. Hold this position for about 10 counts and bring the chin up. Repeat about 5 times.
  • A very easy chin exercise is to simply stand up and raise your head from your chest and tilt your head as far as possible. You will feel a stretch in the neck which is a good thing. Do about 20 reps of these and keep increasing as you go.
  • You will love the next set of workout! All you need to do is face your chin up to the ceiling the keep your head in that position for some time. Slowly, pucker your lips and try to air kiss (or trying to kiss someone unreachable!). Hold this position for about 10 sec and do about 5 reps each day.
  • Press your palm against your forehead for about 5 sec and try resisting this forceful action with your head and neck. You must feel the strain on your chin. Repeat a few more times by placing your hand on the back of your head and then on the side of your head.
  • Neck rotation is a key exercise for losing a double chin. Keeping your head upright, tilt it back and move it in a circular motion. You will feel a strain on your neck muscles immediately. If you can’t do circular motions, try semi circular motions. Do it thrice everyday and be careful that you don’t pull a muscle.
These double chin workouts have proved to be extremely effective in reducing the fat around that area. Hope these workouts help you lose that stubborn weight that you have wanted off your face for a long time now!

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