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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

He popped the 'question' and she said 'Yes'! An engagement is always a special ceremony in your life when you decide to spend the rest of your life with your partner. If you are planning for your upcoming engagement party, the first question that comes in mind is the engagement ring! An engagement ring is a symbol of love, trust, and respect you promise to each other. Buying an engagement ring is no child’s game. You need to consider many things before you buy the right ring for your better half. While you need to consider a budget for the ring, it is also essential to choose a ring that will be loved by your spouse. Either you can shop for the ring together, or if you are confident enough about your spouse’s choice, you can surprise him/her with a charming diamond ring. Engagement rings should always be special and should stand above ordinary rings. There are plenty of engagement rings that are readily available in jewelry shops. However, you can customize your engagement ring to make it more personal and add a touch of romance to it. A cushion cut engagement ring is always adorned for its elegant design and magnitude. If you are looking forward to win the heart of your spouse, there can be nothing better than a cushion cut diamond engagement ring.  A cushion cut diamond engagement ring is nothing but a stone that is cut to like a square or rectangle with round edges, resembling a cushion. The cut of the ring is usually multi faceted so that the stone gets the highest possible light refraction that contributes greatly to the brilliance of the diamond. If you are still wondering what a cushion cut engagement ring is and are looking for tips to buy a cushion cut engagement ring, then just read through the next section.

Guide To Buying Cushion Cut Engagement Rings 
  • Cushion cut engagement rings are a mixed cut diamonds shaped like a square pillow.
  • Cushion cut rings are also known as “antique cut”.
  • It is a faceted stone with a rounded square shape.
  • Before purchasing your engagement ring, fix your budget. Consider if you can stretch your budget if needed or you want to strictly stick to your budget.
  • When buying a diamond cushion cut ring, look for the four C’s – color, carat weight, cut, and clarity.
  • Diamonds vary from being colorless to a slight tinge of yellow. Some diamonds are also available in other shades including blue, brown, pink, gray, green, and red. The more fancy colors you choose, more likely the price will go up because these are rare stones.
  • Carat is the unit weight of a diamond. Conventionally, one carat is equal to twenty grams. The price of a diamond cushion cut engagement ring varies depending on the carat size. The bigger is the size of the stone, the more valuable it will be.
  • The cut of the stone also plays an essential factor to determine the value of the cushion cut ring. Cut refers to the symmetry, finish, polish, and proportion of the ring. The brilliance of a diamond varies depending on these factors. While well cut diamonds cost more, poorly cut diamonds are available at a lesser price.
  • The 4th C is clarity or clearness of the diamond. The clarity is determined by size, nature, number, imperfections of the stone.

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