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Creative Photography Ideas

Photographers have formulated a slew of groundbreaking techniques and have cerebrated interesting innovations to metamorphose ordinary images into splendid visual treats. Right from eye-popping panoramic photography to jaw-dropping high-speed shots, both amateur hobbyists and professional lensmen have passed on something new to this art and completely revolutionized our perceptions on photography. Photographers indeed have countless tools up their sleeves to create compelling clicks and we aren’t talking of architectural wonders or an abandoned piece of art here. At times, a novel approach or even a different perception can add a completely new and different dimension to your photography and unleash the artist in you. You don’t really have to bet on Photoshops or Photoscapes to perfect your picture and look creative. If you have been striving to get creative with your clicks, but haven’t found any inspiration yet, then running down the following section should leave you creatively inspired. Read on for more ideas on this.
Ideas On Creative Photography
Epic Panoramic And 3D Photography 
Anyone who said that photography is confined to a standard or even a panoramic frame was perhaps ignorant about ‘3D photography’? These spectacular high-definition visual treats, that capture dizzying directions to dazing heights, creating incredible full-circle spiral panoramas or amazing mobile three-dimensional shots, is nothing short of a visual wonder. Therefore, if you wish to add new dimensions to your clicks, delve deep into 3D photography and get shooting. 

High-Speed Photography
Wish you could freeze time in a shot? Try high-speed photography! While regular photography captures moments that can be seen with the naked eye, high-speed photography captures shots with a quick shutter speed that is normally invisible to the eye. High-speed photography is the art of freezing a rapidly occurring phenomenon in a shot, for instance, bullets piercing bottles or splendid water splashes. 

Time-Lapse Photography
Time-lapse photography is the extreme opposite of high-speed photography, wherein each frame is captured at a much slower rate. Time-lapse photography is all about shooting a series of photographs of the same subject and putting them together to create a visual mosaic of momentary events. In this way, you could watch the sunset or see a flower bloom without having to wait for the actual length of it. 

Infrared And HDR Photography
‘Infrared’ and ‘high dynamic range photographs’ may look far-fetched and unreal. However, in reality these pictures are nothing but enhanced manifestation of colors, contrasts and aspects that looks more real than reality itself. Often sidelined as a visual gimmick, Infrared and HDR photography uses ‘infrared’ and no Photoshop stimulation to offer a magniloquent visual treat. So what are you waiting for, grab your DSLR and capture the world in a never before kind of color and contrast spectrum. 

Nuanced Night Photography
There is something highly fascinating about staring at the lighthouse from your 25 storeyed office arcade or gazing at a lamppost on a deserted street on a moonlit night. ‘Nuanced night photography’ is all about capturing the very essence of the night in your lens by fiddling with the subtleties of shadows, shades and contrasts that are inconspicuous during the daytime. From neon lights to the hazy moonbeams, you can indeed explore a lot during the night. 

Black-And-White Photography
Have you ever been intrigued by enigmatic, mysterious and hugely contrasting black and white images? The timelessness and elegance of black and white images are worth rooting for. Whether you wish to shoot dramatic cityscapes, portraits or drab works of art, switching onto black and white image can add a completely new meaning to your clicks. 

Monochromatic Color Photography
Monochrome and duotone photography are not just about black and white or grayscale photography alone, but rather magnificent compositions from a single color, hue or tone. Monochromatic pictures are highly expressive despite their singular color tone and can turn a single shade of red, green, blue, orange, purple, and yellow into splendid monochromatic shots.

Reflection-And-Mirror Photography
Mirrors reflect the simple symmetry of the world and 'reflection-and-mirror photography' works to capture that isotropy. The possibilities are seemingly endless for reflection and mirror photography that can display both perfect symmetry and a uniquely distorted reflection before it flickers away. 

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