Crash diet is the most trusted way to lose a few unwanted pounds within a small time frame. Read this article to come across some good crash diet tips.

Crash Diet Tips

Gosh, your high school prom or your cousin’s wedding is barely a week away and your lovely red dress is a tad bit tight! You’ve anticipated this occasion for over a month now. You know your heart would break if you end up giving the event a miss! Also, you know just how ravishing you look in the outfit, but not when you are sporting a few extra pounds. Even a tiny bulge can mar the look of your dress completely, making it your most dreaded nightmare. Fret not! There’s always the crash diet to your rescue. Now that you know that fat can’t be burnt as quickly as a cigarette, hence, you ought to invest commendable effort, since time is against you! But before you begin with the process, note that crash diets definitely aren’t advisable, if you wish to lose weight on a long term basis. Crash diets are only recommended for emergencies. If it’s any consolation, you can’t embark upon crash diets to be slim for life, but it will help you look glamorous for one very special day! Take a tour down this page to gather a few good crash diet tips.
Tips For Crash Dieting
  • Make a chart table and note down the number of days you have left till the grand event. For each day, allot a healthy meal of snacks. For example, day one could comprise of different kinds of fruits. Choose whichever you like as long as you keep a safe distance from bananas!
  • The key element in every crash diet is the famous cabbage soup! Popular for about 30 odd years, the cabbage soup diet works on the philosophy that the body utilizes more calories to digest the cabbage than the amount of calories actually gained from its consumption. Whatever you choose to ingest, ensure that it has rich fiber content and very low calorie content. Use peppers, onions, carrots and tomatoes to make this soup tasty and nutritious.
  • Restrain yourself from the regular cups of coffee! Similarly, any other caffeinated beverages or sodas should be avoided. Stick to water or green tea!
  • On the second or third day, you could frame a strict vegetable diet. Bear in mind that beans, corn and peas might ruin the effect of the crash diet. Whether you want your veggies raw, fresh or cooked is up to you. However, for obvious reason avoid all use of fats, sauces or butter throughout the day. For dinner, you could have one baked potato with a little butter for energy. If you’re still hungry, binge on cabbage soup.
  • Try alternating between fruits and vegetables everywhere with the objective of absorbing as many nutrients possible into your system.
  • As you progress to the second half of the diet, you can treat yourself to a bunch of bananas as well as skimmed milk.
  • It is very important that you guzzle down at least 10 glasses of water, followed by a vegetable of your choice. The water helps the kidney to flush out the unwanted toxins from the body, thus diminishing chances of fluid retention.
  • Avoid alcohol and sweetened drinks by all chance. Instead, substitute them with plain water. Also, stay away from foods with a lot of preservatives that simply add to your calories.
  • Do remember to keep at least a 2 to 3 hours gap between your meals. Eat at a slow pace.
  • Aggravate the efficacy of the crash diet by engaging in regular physical exercise. Although, be careful enough to not overdo it, lest you faint at the d-day, due to rigrous training and crash diet!

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