A Cowgirl party is the best option for girls who love adventure. Explore the article to know more about cowgirl party ideas.

Cowgirl Party Ideas

The hot and dry landscapes of Mexican borders will take a life again in your house, when you celebrate a 'cowgirl' birthday party of your girl. The cowgirl theme is one of the most popular party ideas for girls. This theme is the best option if you want to celebrate your girl’s sixteenth or eighteenth birthday. One should arrange and design everything related to western themes when one is arranging a cowgirl party. Event management firms also offer the whole arrangement of cowgirl parties but you yourself can set up the whole setting of a ‘wild west’ world of fantasy with the help of some relatives or friends.The invitation itself should be in 'Western' sort and it should look very dusty and of course dirty like a weather worn ‘wanted’ notice. Yes, going back to a legendary and adventurous piece of history will make the party all the more exciting. Read on the article to know more about ‘cowgirl’ party ideas.
Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas 

It is a common theme in ‘wild west’ films that a bounty hunter comes to a new place searching for a goon or a bandit. There used to be posters of this bandit, which announced that the person who brings him dead or alive will get a certain amount of money as a reward. So the invitation for a cowgirl party should be in the format of a ‘wanted’ poster. Add some dirt to your poster and make it look like ‘weather worn’. Include your mobile phone number and present address as the address to contact. 

You can use a red and white checked tablecloth on a picnic table. It will be a great idea to decorate the backyard with several bales of hay. It will give the feeling of ‘wild west’ to the people You can use colorful bandanas as napkins and big shaped plastic horses would work as centre pieces for the table where the cake should be cut. Place a few potted cactus plants. You can use bandanas of various colors to tie up as the cowgirl party favors. Inside the bandana you can hide some play guns, plastic cowboys and silver badges. It will give more realistic look to the set up. 

‘Campfire’ is a must stuff for cowgirl birthday parties. You can fix an outdoor grill for adding more color and excitement to the party. It helps to enhance the originality of the setting by letting people to see hot dogs grilling and beans heating up. You can include potato chips in the menu and bottled non alcoholic beer is an essential factor for giving a nice finish to the arrangements. 


Games And Activities 

Horseshoe Toss
Playing a horseshoe toss is a common practice in cowgirl parties. Horseshoes toss is a game played between two people or two teams using four horseshoes and two throwing targets, which usually set in a sandbox area. You can hang a milky white board with the pen and eraser near the game so the cowgirls can write their name and scores on the board. 

Stick Horse Relay Races
Stick horse relay race is also a common game in cowgirl parties. Stick horses are available in stores. You can purchase them or make them yourself. You should set up a race area where the girls can have a relay or see how fast the rider of her horse is.

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