Do you want to know how to clean a dog’s ear? Go through the article and get information on cleaning your dog's ears effectively.

Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

The ears of dogs require regular cleaning, just like those of humans, but you need to take much more care in case of the former. Periodic cleaning of a dog’s ear is very essential; else the area might become the breeding ground for bacteria, leading to infections. The ear canals of dogs are very sensitive and should be cleaned very carefully and in the proper manner. Inappropriate cleaning can cause pain, lacerations of the canal or even a ruptured eardrum. Cleaning a dog’s ear on your own can turn out to be a frustrating task, as almost every canine hates to keep sitting at the same place, for a long time. So, be prepared to spend a lot of time for the task. However, if you follow the correct procedure, you won’t face any problem and the task will be completed in no time at all. In order to help you out, we have provided information on cleaning your dog’s ears effectively, in the lines below.
How to Clean A Dog's Ear
Material Required 
  • Cotton Balls
  • Pet Ear Wash
  • Cotton Swabs 
  • The first and the most difficult step for cleaning your dog’s ear would comprise of controlling him. If you have a small dog, you can tug him/her in a towel, with only the head exposed for cleaning. However, if you have a large dog, the help of someone else might be required.
  • Prior to the actual process of cleaning a dog’s ear, you should try and relax him. Cleaning a dog can be quite troublesome, provided you don’t know the correct procedure. You can start off by giving a mild ear massage and gently use the pads of your fingertips to trace the outer border of his ear. This will relax the dog considerably and he will come to know that allowing his ears to be cleaned is nothing dangerous and can be quite relaxing.
  • Dip a cotton ball in a bottle of ear wash or ear cleaning solution for dogs. Now, squeeze it between your thumb and fingers, to remove the excess amount.
  • Now, gently rub the soaked cotton ball over the ears of your dog, in a vertical motion. It is always better to use circle-shaped pads, which are generally used for removing eye makeup, for cleaning a dog’s ears as well. These pads are very easy to roll up and are the perfect length for cleaning dog ears.
  • To get rid of the excess moisture in your dog's ear, allow him to shake a bit. This step is important, because it helps in preventing ear infection.
  • It is wise to clean only the visible section of your dog's ear. If you overdo it, you may cause harm to your dog. Also, don’t press the cotton pads too hard, while cleaning the ear canal, lest they cause damage to the canal.
  • Remember to play with your dog after the cleaning is over. Give him a treat, something which he likes to eat or play with, so that the next time you clean his ear, he gives less trouble.

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