Creating a modern dining room means moving away from conventions. Know about modern dining room furniture.

Modern Dining Room

When we talk about modern decor, what we have in mind is an unconventional style. It is basically about moving away from the traditional designs and incorporating new elements, trying out unique varieties. The same holds true for modern dining room as well. Instead of the traditional wooden elements, we see metals and glass being a part of the room. Even the color schemes are different from the usual, with 'compact' being the quality used in each and every context. The correct style as well arrangement of furniture is the key to imparting modern décor to your dining room.
Modern Dining Room Furniture
Dining Table
In context of modern dining room furniture, dining table is the item that finds mention in the very first instance. It is the place where the family members come together to have a meal in each others company. In modern dining rooms, the huge, wooden dining tables are replaced by more compact ones, usually with a glass-top. They are large enough to accommodate all the family members and small enough to help them feel closer to each other. The usual capacity of such dining tables is 4 to 6 people, though you might find larger ones too.
Dining Chairs
Chairs also form an important part of the modern dining room décor. Rather than wood, they now involve tubular metals and synthetic fibers, mainly because of the durability and lightweight of the latter. Even the design of chairs is now the usual straight-back type. Ergonomically designed cushion seats, which provide greater comfort, are the norm when it comes to modern dining room. The modern dining room chairs not only add to the overall appeal of the room, but also occupy much less space than the traditional ones.  
Other Elements
Table and chairs comprise of the basic elements of a modern dining room. However, apart from them, there are certain other aspects that need to be taken into consideration. These include the storage cabinets, buffets and cupboards. The modern cabinets have several separate sections, for holding things like dinner plates, serving bowls, wine glasses and knives. Then, you have built-in cupboards and corner buffets.
Some More Ideas 
  • Use contemporary patterns and styles in the dining room curtains. Instead of fabric, you can go for Venetian blinds as well.
  • Try to avoid sharp edges in dining room furniture. Round tables, curving buffet and twisted cupboards work the best.
  • Instead of plain walls, go for patterns. For example, you can paint the walls in a light color and have stripes done on top.
  • A mirror with copper-edges can add the perfect modern touch to your dining room, apart from creating the illusion of space.

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