The century old beverage called chai tea is not only zesty and soothing to taste, but is loaded with plenty of health benefits. Leaf through this piece to discover the benefits of drinking chai tea.

Chai Tea Benefits

If you had thought chai tea to be just a drink for winters and oldies, it’s time you refresh your general knowledge all over again. Chai tea is characterized by the rich black color that is revealed after its preparation. As such, black tea forms the main ingredient in chai tea that is made from a combination of several spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper, and nutmeg. After the tea and spices are brewed in hot water, milk and honey or sugar are added according to one’s desire to get a cup of hot, rich, and flavorful chai tea. Sounds delicious and tempting, right? And what if we say you that there are several health benefits that this stimulating beverage provides you with — you would surely bid adieu to your latte only to find an excuse to sip a cup of deliciously aromatic chai tea. And it is due to these positive effects that most people have started switching over to chai tea as an alternative to coffee. With just one-third amount of caffeine content compared to coffee, chai tea makes a large difference, especially when you are habitual of drinking five to six cups of coffee daily. Without proceeding further with comparing chai tea with coffee, we present you some effective and magnificent health benefits of drinking chai tea, though they may vary depending upon the amount of ingredients used and in what form they are consumed — powder, loose, bag, or liquid concentrate. Make your pick and ooze it out!
Health Benefits Of Drinking Chai Tea
Rich Ingredients
The ingredients that go into the making of chai tea are exceptionally beneficial themselves. The most common spices used include ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and black, green, or oolong tea. Other ingredients that can be used are cardamom, black peppercorns, and fennel. All these spices are considered to be nutritious and effective in Ayurvedic medicine. Particularly, milk, which is a part of chai tea most of the times, enhances the taste and presents a richer and more satisfying beverage to sip. However, people with lactose intolerance who cannot consume milk, can opt for soymilk or rice milk as substitutes.
Assists In Digestion
According to Ayurveda, poor digestion is a major cause for many ailments. As such, maintaining a strong digestive system is highly essential. The basic ingredients used in the preparation of chai tea help in stimulating, balancing, and supporting digestion. While cinnamon is known for soothing the stomach and fighting against nausea and diarrhea, ginger, on the other hand, is useful in calming down the abdomen. Black pepper aids in reducing digestive fire, cloves stimulate digestion, and fennel helps in dispersing flatulence.
Reduces Inflammation
Chai tea is loaded with powerful antioxidant properties. Ginger is highly recommended by Ayurveda for inflammatory conditions like arthritis. This has been proved by a research conducted by the National Institutes of Health PubMed, Lindmark and Frondoza of RMG Biosciences.
Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases
Drinking a cup of chai tea daily can make a big difference for the heart. Every cup of chai tea contains high amounts of antioxidants, namely catechins and polyphenols that assist in lowering blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol. This, in turn, helps in preventing the formation of blood clots. To add on, the crushed cloves included in chai tea are useful for improving circulation, while the other spices, when combined, fight against viruses and bacteria.
Relieves Respiratory Symptoms
There are several herbs used in chai tea that provide relief from respiratory problems and nasal congestion of colds or flu. While caffeine combats mild asthmatic problems, ginger and cinnamon are effective in relieving respiratory congestion. Black pepper enhances a clean flow through inflamed sinuses, while cloves and nutmeg clear sore throats and relieve pain. Additionally, pepper contains capsaicin that works as an active stimulant for clearing nasal congestion. Plus, the camphor-like smell of cloves soothes nasal pathways.
Reduces Risk of Cancer
Black tea contains polyphenols that release antioxidants when brewed into chai tea. These antioxidants, when enter into the body, trap the free radicals that are likely to damage living cells and trigger cancerous growth.
The ingredients in chai tea enhance its richness and aroma, apart from providing several health benefits. Brew up a hot cup of chai tea and gift yourself a healthier life.

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