Cardamom is called as the 'queen herb’, being second only to black pepper. Explore the article to know about benefits of cardamom.

Cardamom Benefits

Cardamom is known as the queen of the spices, being second only to black pepper. This evergreen plant is known to have originated in India and grows in the rich moist forest of Mysore, Wayanad, Coorg, Cochin and Travancore. Its cultivations are limited to a few countries including India, Srilanka and Guatemala. This herb is also called as ebil, kakelah, seghar and gijalatti in some regions. Ayurveda considers cardamom as a very effective medicine for digestion and blood circulation. It’s a very good medicine for respiratory allergies and gastric problems in stomach. It has a strong aroma for which is used as a mouth freshener too. The volatile oil causes the aroma and therapeutic properties of cardamom. Cardamom is also used for enhancing mulled wine. In Ayurvedic scriptures, cardamom is known as ‘ela’. Research studies proved that cardamom is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, and volatile oil, and crude fiber, calcium, phosphorous and iron. Given are the pointers about the medicinal benefits of cardamom.
Health Benefits Of Cardamom 
  • Cardamom oils are used for messages in Ayurveda massage parlor. It eases muscle tension and gradually gives a whole physical relief. The volatile oils extracts from cardamom is used for improving metabolism. It is used in the cure of halitosis.
  • Cardamom is used for digestive disorders frequently. It helps to relieves gas and heart-burn. Cardamom reduces the air and water elements, increases appetite and soothes the mucous membrane. Ground cardamom seed mixed with ginger, coriander and cloves is an effective medicinal solution for indigestion.
  • The aromatic cardamom acts as breath freshener too. A few seeds chewed for a brief time can outfight bad breath. It has the power to kill the germs which causes the bad breath.
  • It also cures some genitor-urinary infections. The powdered cardamom seeds mixed with a tablespoon of banana leaf and amla juice acts as an excellent diuretic treatment for cystitis, nephritis [inflammation of kidney], burning micturation and scanty urination.
  • It’s a fighter against oral infections. Daily gargle of an infusion of cardamom and cinnamon protects one from the Flu and bacterial infections like throat infections. The same medicinal mixture can cure pharyngitis too.
  • Cardamom powder mixed tea is a delicious drink which cures physical depression. It may help relieve nausea and vomiting. It can help detoxify against excessive caffeine. It is effective in fighting pulmonary disease with copious phlegm. Cardamom tea helps to cure headache caused by indigestion
  • The herb is using for treating in sexual dysfunctions like impotency. A pinch of cardamom seeds powder boiled in milk and sweetened with honey is useful in case of premature ejaculation. However, excessive use of cardamom at times may lead to impotency.
  • Cardamom also helps in cleansing the body as it has detoxifying properties. It can be helpful in prevention of spasms or convulsions. People use cardamom in foods as a flavoring agent. It helps to remove toxins too.

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