In this article, we have provided details about some really cool car gadgets, including electronic ones. Read on and know more!

Car Gadgets

There was a time when the only purpose of car was to move from one place to another. The automobile scenario today is very different from what it used to be earlier. Now-a-days, cars have been converted into a fashion statement, especially with the influx of new, superior models and a wide range of gadgets. People use gadgets in their cars, for reasons like giving it a different look, keep themselves entertainment while driving or simply have a more comfortable drive. In the following lines, we have mentioned a few gadgets, including electronic ones, which are very much popular amongst car owners these days.
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Cool Car Gadgets
Auto LED
This gadget is perfect for those times when you drop something on the floor of the car, at night. The rechargeable LED flashlight can be easily charged in the car itself and gives a bright, blue light, good enough to help you read navigation maps even in the dark.
Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm
Anti-sleep driving alarm is for all those who need to travel at night, over long distances. It gets safely tucked behind you ear and the moment your head tilts more than 30 degrees, the alarm starts ringing, bringing you back from sleep. It is extremely lightweight and comes with a battery.
DVD Entertainment Systems
For all those who love to sit glued to their TV screens, this gadget is just perfect. The DVD entertainment system can be used to watch favorite TV shows, listen to the popular music numbers and even provide you the facility to check your day-to-day e-mail, while on the move.
If you have to often leave for places you have never visited before, GPS is the just the gadget for you. It can help you reach right up to the building you want to go, without the bother of stopping and asking people. Most of the GPS systems today connect to the Internet, via both Wi-Fi and the wireless phone networks.
Magnetic Wristband
You must be thinking what a magnetic wristband has to do with a car. This wristband is definitely going to come in use, especially when you have a flat tyre or other car problems. It securely holds nails, screws, drill bits, fasteners and tools in place, providing no chance for that small, little screw to get lost.
Automobile Ventilator
Come summer time and your car starts burning, sitting outside in the sun. No wonder you get soaked in sweat, the moment you step into the car that has been parked for even a few minutes. Automobile ventilator is the perfect solution to your problem. It helps keep the car cool, by sucking out the stale, hot air and re-circulating cooler air from outside.

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