Camping can be made all the more exciting if a variety of campfire games are included. Read below to know the various campfire games.

Campfire Games

Sitting beside the glowing embers of a campfire is perhaps the best spot for bonding and interaction. While you sit around a campfire with your buddies with the darkness enveloping you, the warmth and company is what signifies the campfire. Gossiping, singing and dancing are the fun activities that one indulges around a campfire. But the most exciting and interesting amongst all are the games that are specifically meant to be played at a campfire. Campfire games are mostly conducted in less space and they are not vigorous by nature. Rather the emphasis is on the fun quotient. This is because days at the camping sites are mostly spent in hard activity. As such, at night most of the campers are likely to be tired, so, the games played are basically light with no chasing and running around. If you are looking to add some fun campfire games in your camping trip, then you have to look no further than this article. Explore the fun campfire games given below.

Fun Campfire Games

Shoe Kicking
This game requires a large space. All the members of the campfire should balance a shoe on their toes and flick it as far as possible. The one who manages to throw the shoe the farthest is declared the winner.

Bring several aerobies at the campfire and a medium sized stick. Plant the stick at a place near the campfire. Now everyone at the camp should try to put the aerobie into the stick from about 200 meters away. This becomes very interesting when the only light available is from the campfire and the participants have to aim at the stick in that flickering light. The winner is the one who manages to put the aerobie in the stick in the least number of throws.

Pass The Potato
All the campers should stand in a circle. One of the campers should take a potato behind his/her back and pass it to the next person. The person with the potato now should pass it on to the next and so on. While passing the potato each of the campers should chant "The potato spud goes round and round. To pass it quickly, you are bound. If you are caught holding it last. The game for you has surely passed, and you are out.” When the last word “out” is chanted the camper who has the poato in his/her hand is eliminated. The rest continue the game until only one is left who is declared the winner.

Twenty Questions
This is an excellent group game. One of the campers thinks of a person, place or thing and the rest have to guess what it is by asking up to twenty questions. The others ask the selected person questions and he/she can only answer with a yes or no. Based on this and the type of questions asked, the others should narrow down the focus and find out which object the person was thinking of.

Guess The Leader
Let all the campers, except one, form a group with the remaining camper stands in one end. Now all the campers who formed the group should go out of ear shot of the selected person and decide on a leader. Coming back they stand in a circle and imitate all the gestures that the leader does like clapping, scratching etc. The trick is not to look at the leader directly. The person in the middle should guess who the leader is.

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