If the amount of calorie intake for weight loss is the question that has been bothering you lately, this article will provide you with the best possible answers.

Calorie Intake For Weight Loss

The amount of calories that an individual takes in on a regular basis and the amount of calories that gets utilized by the body, both have an important role to play in determining a person’s body weight. Ideally a man should waste 2500 calories in a day and a women’s body should burn 2000 calories in a day and in case of kids 1600 calories. Any equation more or less than the count leads to weight gain or skinny or excessive lean body structure respectively. Now that it is clear that the amount of calorie we take in and the amount of calorie our body utilizes determines our body weight, then the question arises that can a person manipulate the conditions to suit one’s condition? The answer to this question is that yes it is completely in hands of an individual to cut down or increase their calorie intake. If you are looking for weight loss, calorie deficit is what you need to create. But, the deficit you create should be under recommended range to avoid any other health complications. Read on further to learn more on calories for weight loss.

Calories For Weight Loss

Calculate Your BMR
BMR is the amount of energy that a body needs to function. Ideally our body uses around 60% of the calories we consume each day to meet basic body functions like breathing and body temperature. BMR is also determined by the sex, height, weight and age of the person. Therefore, in order to decide the amount of calories you need to reduce for weight loss you will have to first calculate the BMR.

Create A Calorie Deficit
Another step which you can take to lose your weight is to create a calorie deficit. It is easy and healthy to cut down on your calorie intake by small proportion at a time. Every 3,500 calories is equal to one pound, hence if you cut back 500 calories a day you should be able to lose a pound of your weight in a week. You can also include exercise in your daily routine to complement your weight loss diet. You should not be surprised by the variations in your weight loss with every week.

Lose At A Healthy Rate
It is advisable to follow a healthy weight loss rate. Neither too fast nor too slow weight loss is good for your body. A healthy weight loss goal is to lose around 2 pounds per week. Shedding down more weight than 2 pounds will not stay stable and is also not healthy for your body. Make sure not to cut down more than 1,200 calories per day without medical supervision in order to keep the normal functioning of your body intact.

Calorie Rotation
This system of weight loss works by reducing the calorie intake over 3 days followed by a day of consuming more calories. You have 3 low calorie days and a day of increased calorie consumption. This system of calorie rotation can prove to be really successful and can also at the same time maintain your muscle strength while you lose weight. This rotation cycle also avoids the problem of your body adapting to the low calorie intake routine thereby slowing down your metabolism rate to an extent where you see no more results.

Small And Frequent Meals
 You might have noticed that people who are skinny tend to eat small portions at regular intervals. On the other hand people who are unable to lose weight skip their meals in the morning and by the evening overeat because they have been starving the entire day. This habit has two main drawbacks viz. eating late means the food will get stored as fat and will not get digested. Therefore, you should train your system to consume small portions at regular intervals. This will help you lose weight steadily. This habit will also help you avoid excess of calories consumed during large meals.

The diet we follow, our lifestyle and our day to day activities are all contributors to the well being of our system. It is a balanced diet, active lifestyle and healthy eating habits that will keep you healthy, and if any one aspect is missing from your life it won’t take time for you to gain weight. In such a state, this article on calorie intake for weight loss will prove helpful for you.

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