Got nothing to do on Facebook? Give yourself a boost of entertainment by indulging in some of the best multiplayer Facebook games.

Best Multiplayer Facebook Games

Gone are those days when get-togethers, weekend night outs, and hard-rock parties were organized to give a boost of freshness and energy, allowing people to face the Monday blues with confidence and vigor. With the technology taking every invention and discovery to a different level, socializing, too, hasn’t been left behind. The social networking sites have surely taken a step further towards providing the right kind of entertainment that people have been looking for these days. Well, Facebook is what people of all genres are dedicated towards, whatsoever reason be it — chatting, accepting and sending requests, updating, uploading, and so on. While these activities are a matter of few minutes or, at the most, an hour, keeping yourself hooked to Facebook for hours at a stretch gets challenging. So, what is that that can keep you hooked on to the site for long? It's games, isn't it? Now that games have been launched by every gaming and social networking site, why should Facebook stay behind? A myriad of different multiplayer games are presented by Facebook, journeying you to the real world and real time gaming. Given here is a list of multiplayer Facebook games that will leave you asking for more.
Top Multiplayer Games On Facebook
Without a doubt, Farmville is one of the most popular applications on Facebook, with over 10 million users in less than a month of its launch. Developed by Zygna, one of the top MMO games-maker in the industry today, this game lets the user grow crops, raise animals, construct buildings, and visit other players’ habitats to earn coins and unlock their items to advance to the next level. What more can you ask for than taking care of your own livestock without having to visit your farm in reality?
Mafia Wars
Mind it, this game is not for all you simple guys or overly sensitive pussies. But if you dream to become a don of you own family, ruling the mafia world, then this should be your take. Beginning in New York City, you travel to different places across the world, like Manhattan, Las Vegas, Italy, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, and Atlantic City as you graduate towards the upper levels. Wondering what you actually need to do to rule the crime world? True to the definition of mafia, you have to fight players, earn cash, and strengthen your criminal empire. Extend your empire by inviting people from Facebook as well as people from other social sites, like MySpace, Friendster, and Yahoo.
Farm Town
Never been to the countryside? Want a feel of real farming? There’s Farm Town on Facebook that allows you to grow your own crops, raise farm animals, plow your fields, and acquire more agricultural land. While Farmville gives you a chance to develop a virtual farm, Farm Town requires you to manage your money and other resources to lower your cost of operations. As you graduate to the next level, your farm gets more colorful and interesting.
Restaurant City
No clues for guessing this game. Turn a restaurateur by opening and running your own restaurant. Right from designing to decorating, hiring friends to buying items, and preparing the menu to collecting new ingredients, Restaurant City lets you possess your little world of eateries. However, make sure that you block the door with a chair in case you would be away from the game for a long period, lest the restaurant continues operating its functions and affects your popularity points.
Friends For Sale
Ever thought you can actually buy friendship? Sounds too dreamy and unrealistic, right? Well, not at Facebook, at least. With this game, you can literally buy friends from the marketplace and make them your pets. Registered friends and those that have already been bought can cost you a great deal, but those who are less popular or use Facebook less frequently, come for a cheap price. Pick either or both of them, the choice is entirely yours. To earn money, people will have to buy your pets or purchase you, or you can even visit any of your friends’. To make it all the more interesting, you can assign nicknames, gifts, or sell your friends in the open market, after you have bought them. In short, a fun place to trade friendship for money!
If the above list is not enough to pump you and extract the most out of Facebook, you have Bejeweled Blitz, MindJolt Games, YoVille, Texas HoldEm Poker, and Pet Society to deliver sheer pleasure. Time to give them a try! Happy Facebooking!

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