Want to lose weight and fast, using the best liquid diet? Then read on to find out about the liquid diet ideas used for a healthy living.

Best Liquid Diet

A liquid diet, as the name suggests, is foods taken in the form of liquids. It has become very popular in the world of dieting, much more than solid foods, as it is convenient to use, works faster for those who want quicker results and detoxifies your body, all at the same time. If you are planning to try a liquid diet then here is what you bargained for: 400-800 calories per day (depending on the type of diet) for around 12 weeks and supervised and sensible meals. Liquid diets are always complemented with a 30min exercise regime and can be of two types – a low calorie diet, that is generally recommended for obese people, or a meal replacement diet, that can be used be by anyone. There are a few disadvantages such as lowering body’s resistance to disease to even being unsafe for consumption. But if you have made up your mind, then it can give you good results. Try some of these ideas out: 

Liquid Diet Ideas

  • Our bodies are made up of 70% water and with a liquid diet involving lots of fluids, body can get completely water replenished and fully working.
  • Water is the most essential part of any diet. Why? Simply because it removes all the chemicals and toxins from the body by flushing them out, improves blood circulation, rehydrates the body of lost water and nutrients and helps indigestion. In short, it helps in weight loss!
  • What you need to remember about a liquid diet is that only water is not enough to keep you going for a long period of time. It can be used as a part of the detoxifying diet but cannot support vital body functions on its own.
  • Honey in water is the secret to losing weight as it prevents constipation and hence is a way of removing unwanted material from the stomach. Another good cleanser is warm water with maple syrup.
  • One of the best substitutes for plain water is juice. They can be made from either fruit or vegetable, the latter being more healthy as fruits contain natural sugars.
  • A combination of carrot and beetroot juice is said to be the best for weight loss. Juice fasting has become the latest trend among a lot of celebrities and some swear by it makes them reduce weight within a few days.
  • Orange juice is said to be excellent as it acts as a detoxifier and provides energy to the body. Its only disadvantage is that it creates idle acids in the body.
  • Lime juice is another good example of something that can be involved in a detox diet. It should not be consumed solely as it can corrode the inner lining of the stomach. But, on the other hand, when ingested, it has cleaning properties and helps in ridding your tummy of all toxins. Be aware that it does not provide any nutrition to the body.
  • A mixture of vegetable and fruit juices (such as carrot and apple) is commonly taken in due to its palatable nature.
  • Protein shakes are given in times of extreme cases, when the diet is continued for a longer period of time. They are available in the market for instant use.
Before involving yourself in a weight loss program using liquid diets, it is highly recommended that you visit a nutritionist or a doctor to help you prescribe one for your body type.

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