If you think it is all for pleasure & fun, read this article and you would be surprised to know the various benefits of sex. The advantages of having sex would make you think beyond instant pleasure.

Benefits Of Sex

Agreed that pleasure and fun is what comes to mind when we think of sex. Also agreed that pleasure and fun is what we get when we take part in this spiritual act of bonding with our partner, but that is not all what sex gives. Points duly noted that the flashes of you doing cardiovascular exercises, applying anti-aging creams, gulping down aspirins, and sleeping like a baby are things light years away from your brain cells when you think of sex or indulge in it. But sex does offer all the benefits of doing the above mentioned things and a lot more. It is designed by the supreme power to make you “two bodies one soul” with your partner, and to make you spiritually, physically, and mentally complete. To back this up, even modern scientific studies have shown that active sex life promotes physical and psychological well being in people. Did you just say icing on the cake? You bet! But before you leave us to enjoy your cake, read further to know more about benefits of sex, most of which are potentially unknown to most of the people.
Sex Health Benefits
Helps Maintain Ideal Weight
That icing on the cake sounds even more good now doesn’t it? And what’s more, you don’t even have to worry about gaining extra weight. On the contrary, start expecting the exact opposite because it’s proven — active sex life helps shedding those extra pounds off your body and maintains an ideal body weight. It is believed that a 30-minute of sex burns more than 100 calories. Regular session, for a month or two, can help you burn close to 5000 calories, which will be equivalent to shedding off a pound and a half off your body. It is a great workout regimen if your routine leaves no spare time for regular gyming or exercising.
Boosts Immune System
Active sex life transpires better physical health, which in turn, boosts your immune system’s capability to fend off attacks of common cold and other infections. Studies show that having sex twice or thrice a week has been associated with close to 30% increase in immunoglobulin as compared to those who have less sex.
Helps Relieve Stress
Researches show that regular sex lowers that “off the charts” blood pressure, promotes overall stress reduction, and helps you sleep peacefully. You’ll feel more relaxed after a satisfying session of lovemaking with your partner, rather than after a psychotherapy session or hypnotism. People who have a healthy sex life handle stressful situations in a better way than compared to those who abstain from it.
Improves Blood Circulation & Lowers Cholesterol Level
Healthy sex life improves your blood circulation, which, in turn, brings oxygenized blood in your body and detoxifies your blood, which helps prevent numerous diseases. Since having sex is an exercise in itself, it also helps bringing down the harmful cholesterol levels that seem to cause a stroke more often than not. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that healthy sex is equivalent to healthy heart.
Relieves Pain
During intercourse, our body secretes a hormone called oxytocin, which, in turn, releases endorphins. These hormones act as natural painkillers and relieve us of any pain that may be caused in any form from head to toe. Active sex life can help keep constant headaches, arthritis pain, and other pain at bay.
Boosts Self Esteem & Confidence Level
Sex stimulates the soul, body, and mind and contributes to a healthy union between a man and a woman. Researches show that active sex life helps people feel better about themselves. Feeling loved and connected during the sex helps you connect with yourself and promotes positive self esteem and boosts confidence levels.
Deepens Intimacy
Most important than all, a healthy sex life can deepen the much needed intimate bond of love and trust required in a marriage. It’s not just for fun; it’s a connection of two bodies into one soul, it’s about being a half of somebody else’s life.
If you want to encash on the psychological benefits, along with the physical benefits of sex, practice safe sex and stay healthy.

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