Baby Shower Thank You Poems are great ways to express gratitude to your guest. Check out some cute baby shower thank you poems.

Baby Shower Thank You Poems

Poems are an expression of our feelings. Magnificent qualities associated with poems are the intriguing factors of being rhythmic and expressive, both at the same time. Baby shower thank you poems are cute and affable ways to thank your guests for coming to your baby shower. These poems give you a great opportunity to thank your guest in a creative manner. Baby shower poems can be written in a thank you card or can be chipped in as a note of thanks. While you have organized the party for the baby who is yet to see the world, a note of thanks from his/her side would be adorable and much appreciated by the guests. Check out for some baby shower thank you poems.
Baby Shower Thank You Poems
Thank You Poem 1:
While we are waiting
for Baby's debut.
We wanted to write
and say thank you
for the lovely gift
and being a great friend.
The shower would not have been as fun
if you did not attend.
Thank You Poem 2:
Thank you for the gift
that I will soon see.
Mom says it's really great,
and you picked it just for me.
Mom is sending this card of thanks
because I have yet to arrive.
And even when I do,
I won't write good 'til I'm five.
Thank you from Me, Mommy & Daddy.
Thank You Poem 3:
The memory of my baby shower
will always be a treasure.
Thanks so much for coming,
It was such a pleasure!
Thank You Poem 4:
My little baby is coming
The day is drawing near.
And so I spend my time dreaming
of my sweet baby dear.
I dream of little hands,
precious feet and angel eyes,
I dream of reading stories,
playing games and singing lullabies.
And while I ponder
such sweet and happy days,
My thoughts are turned to those
who have helped me along the way.
Nine months is quite a long wait
And it hasn't always been fun.
But thanks to sweet friends like you,
I am almost done!
Thanks for you love, support, and for coming to the shower!
Thank You Poem 5:
I wanted to say thank you.
Daddy says thank you, too.
Baby will say thanks I'm sure

right around when he/she turns two.

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