Do you like a guy but are afraid to approach him? Asking a guy out becomes simpler if you know a few effective tips. Check out this article and know how to ask a guy out.

Asking A Guy Out

Does your heart skip a beat every time you see your crush? Most of the girls (not counting those flamboyant ones) have inhibitions making the first move and thus often get cold feet or shaky while asking a guy out. Though there is no denying the fact that a woman has the power to change and transform a man the way she wants, it is the first step that is much of a problem. Gone are the days when fluttering eyelashes, incessant smile and twirling of the hair strands were enough to hint the guy! Nowadays, girls need to put some extra efforts to showcase their unsaid emotions and feelings. Playing hide-n-seek love game or proclaiming your love obscurely would also serve no purpose and only leave your guy feel exhausted and clueless. As such, the best way to communicate your feelings is to ask him out directly. Agreed that it is not easy, but you can bet it is not a Herculean task as well. You can feel nervous and shaky in expressing your liking, but remind yourself that he is not a giant or a monster, who would eat you up or blaze you with the fire. All you need to do is take care of certain things while asking a guy out and you surely would be meted with a positive response. In the following lines, we have provided tips on how to ask a guy out.
How To Ask A Guy Out
Before Asking
  • Never go for overdone makeup. It is always better to wear light or nude makeup when you are going to approach a guy you like. If you usually don’t wear makeup, it’s better to avoid makeup completely, rather than making a clown out of yourself.
  • You must know the basic likes and dislikes of the guy. For knowing the same, consult a common friend or his friends. After all, a guy is always amused when he is approached and more so, when the girl is well versed with his likes and dislikes. But don’t flaunt your recently acquired knowledge at the word ‘go’.
  • Pre-decide the place where you want to take the guy. The worst can be when the guy agrees, but you are clueless as to where the two of you should head for. Keep options at hand, lest the guy does not like the proposed venue. 
  • Learn few flirting tips to make the proposed meeting interesting. Last of all that you need is a boring date with your crush just because you felt too overwhelmed to even utter a single word.
Asking A Guy Out 
  • Approach him at the right time when he is not surrounded by many people or ask him to come separately somewhere. Also, make sure that he is not preoccupied or else you would surely have a no for an answer. Also, if possible, try to sneak peak a little information as to whether or not he is free.
  • Start the conversation. Keep a little smile on your face during the entire conversation.  If you have met the guy for the first time, introduce yourself in short. Have small talks and commence your conversation giving a compliment to a guy about his attire or anything else. If the two of you have any common interest such as movies, sports, music, etc start talking about it. Share your views and experiences.
  • Maintain a good eye contact. Never be nervous and make sure that your eyes do not follow someone else, while conversing. This will make the guy less interested and there will be chances of losing him too.
  • Be confident and carry a positive approach while approaching him. Become his friend to make him comfortable in your company. The guy will be at ease if you are friendly with him. Never push him towards anything, let the feelings come naturally.
  • A subtle physical contact is a great way to reinforce your feelings. Never get too much physical in the first meeting itself. It will leave a wrong first impression. However, that does not mean that you behave like a touch-me-not-doll. Indicate him that you are interested in him through subtle attempts.
  • Never be fake in front of the guy. Be yourself. Never lower your standards for anyone. Never act as if you are completely desperate about him. Also, do not show that you are completely ready to go into a relationship with him. Rather tell him that you are in search of a right partner.
  • Once you are totally convinced that you would want to date the guy, tune in the conversation towards your aim. Give in subtle hints. If the guy responds positively, directly ask him out. In cases when a guy is not interested, you would know of the same while giving subtle clues. This would save you from the embarrassment of getting ‘no’ as an answer.
With these tips on how to ask a guy out, your ‘dream man’ will become ‘your man’ with the blink of an eye. All you need to do is approach him in the right and appropriate way.

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