If you are wondering how to sharpen a pocket knife, you have indeed come to the right place. Surf through these pocket knife sharpening tips and keep your gear on the cutting edge always.

How To Sharpen A Pocket Knife

If you associate pocket knives with grizzly Adams-style beards, red wing boots and buffalo plaid vests or even Batman, know that even a gentleman can sport a pocket knife with great panache and élan as well. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a pocket knife fanatic or don’t consider this “ream and punch” tool as a mascot of your manliness, there is little stopping you from ogling at a Swiss army knife displayed and secretly lusting for one. After all, men are men, and there is little restricting them from fancying a tool of beauty and power like a pocket knife. Almost all men pride themselves in owing one of these handy accessories. In fact, it’s joked that a pocket knife is ever-present in a man's pocket, which very well underlines his love for this simple piece of equipment. However, owning a pocket knife isn’t just enough. You need to care for this classic piece of gear as well to ensure that it stays high on looks and power for good.
Pocket Knife Sharpening Tips 
  • A pocket knife is more than just your talisman of manhood. Hence, it is important to keep your bespoke tool in its best condition. Before you get on to the task of honing your blade, just ensure that the sharpening ceramic stone is placed right.  You can either hold the stone firmly on your hand or place it on the ground, as per your convenience.
  • Position the blade of your pocket knife on the smooth, flat edge of the stone. Hold your knife in a slightly bevel position, holding it at an angle of about 10-12 degrees off the stone.
  • Place one side of the blade firmly on the stone and pull the knife back and forth for about three to four minutes, until the edge is razor sharp. Now turn the knife and place the other side of the blade on the stone. Run the other side of the blade till both the sides are evenly sharpened.
  • You can also use a sharpening steel to sharpen the cutting edge of your blade. Just hold out the steel firmly on your hand, away from your body and gently rub the blades of your knife against the steel, starting from the bottom to the tip. Rub it for five to six times and repeat the same for the other side of the blade as well. Wipe out the debris using a soft, dry cloth. 
Other Tips 
  • It doesn’t matter if you are the proud owner of a Swiss army knife or own a “Stockman Stag”; you need to sharpen your pocket knife once a week to keep it in shape.
  • Whether you are looking for a pocket knife to gut a fish or just slice open a box, its best to choose a thick blade over a thin one, as thin blades tend to wear away fast.
  • Ceramic stones are the best tools to sharpen your pocket knives with, as they do not require the use of any lubricants, and are perfect for the sharpening purpose.
  • Always store your pocket knife in a leather bag or a pouch when not in use. In that way, you won’t have to sharpen it frequently.

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