If your question is ‘How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test’, then check out this article to know the accurate time to take a pregnancy test.

When To Take A Pregnancy Test

For some of the women, the news of their pregnancy comes together with happiness, while for some it could be a cause of concern. Whatever be the case, after the last intercourse if you’re thinking that you might have conceived, then your next question would be ‘when to take the pregnancy test’. So, not keeping you in further discourses, here comes your answer. To test for pregnancy, the best mode is to wait until after your period is due because the market-available pregnancy tests will confirm a positive result after you wait until this point. Any woman, who is trying her best to get pregnant, would like to know as early as possible and actually don’t like to wait.
How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test
To find positive results in a pregnancy test, the presence of hCG is a must. The hCG is the abbreviation for ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’, which is a peptide hormone produced during pregnancy. However, hCG is not produced until implantation i.e. till the fertilized egg doesn’t get attached to the uterine wall. Usually implantation doesn’t take place until 6-12 days, subsequent to ovulation. Thus, the earliest you can take a pregnancy test and get a positive result is 7 days past ovulation, nevertheless many women can get a false negative result at this time.
Probably it can be difficult for you, but it’s better to wait for at least 10-12 days to take a pregnancy test after ovulation. Keep in mind, even though you linger for that long, the result could be negative. After missing your period, you can take a re-test. As seen in most of the cases, after the first day of missed period, 90% of the women get a positive result and 10% of women test negative even if they are pregnant. Just in case you expect to get or are actually pregnant and your test shows negative, you must still avoid alcohol, cigarettes and other recreational drugs.
Testing Through Market-Available Pregnancy Test Kits  
Each market-available pregnancy test kits entail urine tests, which determine the amount of hCG in urine. These test-kits can be found easily in grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies. Another thing to be considered is that there are two distinct types of home pregnancy tests-Dip and Mainstream. In the dip test, one has to fill the provided container with urine and hold the test strip in it for the given period of time. While for the mainstream test, one has to hold the test in the stream of urine. These tests are equally reliable and accurate if the test is done around the time of missed period.
Testing Through Tests Available With Doctor
In case you get negative result, you can re-try after a few days since hCG continues to rise in the initial stage of pregnancy. However, going to the doctor could be another option to clarify the pregnancy. Doctors, usually, perform a blood test that can grasp hCG in smaller amounts, sooner than a urine test. However, even blood tests can not confirm, whether the woman is pregnant or not, until 6-8 days after ovulation. So, even the test, performed by doctor, is not possible before 7 days past ovulation.  
To Conclude
The most accurate time to take pregnancy test is 7 days after ovulation. It’s entirely your wish, whether you want to use a home test or meet a doctor. In fact, to re-test or not is also your wish if result comes out negative at an early stage.

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