Weight loss plateau is a condition, in which the body stops the fat burning process. With the useful tips given in the article, you will learn how to break a weight loss plateau.

Weight Loss Plateau

Almost everyone hits the weight loss plateau at least once during his/her fitness program. It is a condition wherein the body stops the fat burning process, even though you maintain consistent exercise and diet program. The body reaches this point of saturation when it works hard to maintain a balance between the energy intake and output. In other words, the body resists losing anymore weight. If you are following a fitness regimen, better watch out for the weight loss plateau, because you would not want to stop the fat burning process abruptly. In this article, we have given the surefire ways, which will tell you how to break the weight loss plateau.
How To Break A Weight Loss Plateau
Modify Workout Routine
Your body might have mastered the movements of a particular workout, which you have been doing for a long time. Now that the body has stopped the fat burning process, it is the time to modify the workout, or switch over to another exercise. If you had been doing the same exercises repeatedly, replace them with new ones. For instance, if your body was trained to do cardio, opt for the stair-climber, a rowing machine or a treadmill. This way, you will be able to kick-start the fat burning process once again and break the weight-loss plateau.
Concentrate On Diet
Cut down on your carbohydrate intake. Instead, increase the consumption of multi-grain foods. Stay away from food stuff containing refined sugars, such as pasta, cakes, sweets and white bread. At the same time, increase the daily dose of proteins. Apart from promoting the build-up of strong lean muscle tissues, protein has been proven to be beneficial in accelerating the fat burning process. Instead of eating three heavy meals, eat six smaller meals a day. This will help a great deal in breaking your weight-loss plateau.
Increase Strength
Strength training will increase bone tissue strength, boost the metabolic rate of your body and increase lean mass as well. It helps a great deal in overcoming the weight-loss plateau. Building muscles is vital, because they help the body burn more calories. This further helps in revving up the metabolism rate, once again. Resistance training should be incorporated in your program, if you don't want to go for strength training. To make your body burn more calories, you need to increase your muscle mass. Start weight training for the purpose.
Break Regular Eating Routine
Sometimes, you need to keep your body guessing! It becomes vital, especially when you have hit the weight-loss plateau. When you follow the same diet daily, your body gets used to the said amount of calories and leans to manage in the same. So, break the routine. Instead of consuming the same calories daily, follow the calorie cycling process. For instance, if you have consumed 1500 calories today, take 2100 calories tomorrow. You may switch back to the original intake the following day. By not maintaining the same weekly or daily intake of calories, your body will recognize that the consumption is not same all the time.

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